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9 Types Of Empaths + How To Find Out Which You Are

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What Type of Empath Are You?
Understanding the Archetypes and Their Influence on Your Life 

There is a lot of information about the different types of empaths and yet some people are still confused as to whether or not they fit into this category. In addition to understanding whether you are or are not an empath you also have to decipher what type of empath you are.

It’s a minefield out there, however, I’m going to help you understand the full spectrum of everything empathic. Keep reading to find out whether you are an empath and with which types of empaths you identify the most.

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What is an Empath?

As highlighted in the name, an empath feels empathy more than the average person. They can understand what others are feeling and are connected people in a way that many do not understand. An empath can recognize the emotions and feelings that others are experiencing.

In a lot of cases, empaths are introverts and are easily impacted by others. Their sensitivity levels are high and they have a remarkable ability to absorb the emotional state of people around them. For empaths, they do not need to be near people to sense what they are feeling.

Empaths are constantly working on themselves. Growth and development are an important part of their being, this is something that they cannot help. As they experience so much of others they can be left feeling raw and so they need to act fast to heal themselves or submit to detrimental emotional states.

Many people think that empaths come down to one personality type or trait, however, that is not always the case. The variety of empathic characteristics are varied. They dance to the beat of their own drum and express their empathic tendencies in different ways. 

The 9 Types of Empaths

There are several different types of empaths. You may resonate with a few or perhaps it is just the one archetype that you feel connected to. Here are the many different empath types that you need to know.

1. The Intuitive Empath 

This type of empath has a combination of intuitive tendencies and an empathic heart. They are unique and are truly gifted. Due to their innate ability to know what needs to be done in a situation.

Sometimes they may feel as though they have to be around people that are emitting a high vibration and are drama-free.

They can tell what people are going through without any signs or knowledge as to why. Once they hone in on what another person is feeling they can take on board their emotions and feel it deep within.

The intuitive empath reads the frequency that people are giving off and unconsciously use their spiritual powers of divination to understand what choices a person should make to remedy a bad situation.

Signs That You Are an Intuitive Empath

  • Reading people comes easily and naturally to you 
  • You find it hard to distinguish whether you are experiencing someone else’s emotions or your own
  • Even if you are not with your loved ones you can feel what they are feeling
  • You can easily tell when someone is lying
  • Being alone feels good to you 

2. The Plant Empath

These individuals are incarnations of mother nature. They have a deep, spiritual connection to plants and can communicate with them.

A plant empath can sense the emotional state of everything from trees to grass and flowers. They are most likely to have a passion for conservation projects and strongly oppose the destruction of forests and woodlands.

The plant empath may struggle with feelings of helplessness as the world battles against climate change, however, they are ready to take on the fight.

They know when the plants are deeply troubled and can learn from the wisdom that they hold. Plant empaths are gentle souls who enjoy being outside in the fresh air.

Signs That You Are a Plant Empath 

  • You enjoy being in heavily wooded areas
  • As a child, you used to climb trees and hug them tight
  • You are captivated by botany and may even have a career in this area
  • You believe that there is nothing more beautiful or special than flora
  • You find yourself talking to plants 
  • You especially like to listen to the tales that old trees have to share

3. The Animal Empath 

Communicating with animals and building connections with them, these people are exceptionally gifted. Animal Empaths are the real Dr. Doolittle, they can speak openly with fauna and receive a response back in return.

Many may refer to them as animal whisperers. As animals communicate in ways that are different from humans it takes a remarkable person to be able to not just talk to but engage with them.

In most cases, they are involved in animal activism or are in the veterinary trade. They may also have a lot of pets themselves.

Signs That You Are a Animal Empath

  • You can talk to animals and they speak directly to you
  • When an animal is in trouble you can sense it 
  • You have always felt like you connect more with animals than humans
  • Animals are drawn toward you 

4. The Earth Empath 

This type of empath is so connected to the earth they can sense when there are geomantic changes. They can receive signals from the earth and will receive warnings about earthquakes and other natural disasters.

This gift can help them to save others from potential danger and it can also give them insights into the earth and the role that it plays in life.

They don’t just experience the environment, they feel them. The world is their oyster and they love to explore all that it has to offer.

Earth empaths can find beauty in little things that others take for granted such as the clouds in the sky, a grain of sand, or a rock on the ground.

Signs That You Are a Earth Empath

  • Interested in subjects such as geology
  • You enjoy being by the mountains
  • You are sensitive to weather changes
  • You prefer herbal remedies and cures to modern, pharmaceutical medicine
  • When there is an environmental disaster you can feel pain

5. The Heyoka Empath

Considered to be the most powerful type of empath, the Heyoka empath is the mirror that many fear. In Native America, the term Heyoka means ‘fool’ or ‘sacred clown’. They become the embodiment of what another person needs to develop within themselves.

However, they tend to work backward. For example, they may come across as mean-spirited if they are around someone who needs to learn kindness. They are emotional mirrors that trigger people to evolve and step out of their comfort zone.

In many cases, the heyoka empath may not realize that they are doing this. This is their natural disposition and they are simply acting in a way that feels natural to them.

While they can also help others to heal they are excellent at healing themselves.

Signs That You Are a Heyoka Empath

  • You think differently from others and stand out as an individual
  • Occasionally you may suffer from insomnia
  • You use humor as a way of healing
  • You can be unpredictable
  • Dyslexia or being born in the breech position is considered to be a sign of a Heyoka Empath

6. The Physical Empath

A Physical Empath is in tune with another person’s pain or symptoms. If someone is unwell you may feel as though you are experiencing the same ailment. These individuals physically pick up on someone’s vibration and it then starts to affect them physically. 

It can almost feel like their body is copying someone else. These types of empaths have to be careful around people who are unwell, in order to protect their energy they should avoid long periods spent with people who constantly complain about their aches and pains.

Signs That You Are a Physical Empath

  • You experience sympathy pains regularly
  • You are ill quite often
  • You could be fine one minute until someone mentions something as minor as a headache and you feel it too
  • You feel overwhelmed by the world
  • People describe you as a hypochondriac

7. The Emotional Empath 

This empath is connected to people by their emotions. If they are surrounded by people that are sad they also feel the same. When people are happy they are just as happy as they are. 

They experience a rollercoaster of emotions and can appear unstable at times. They are very sensitive to what people are going through and they always want to help in any way that they can.

These people have tender hearts that grow bigger and bigger each day.

Signs That You Are a Emotional Empath

  • You hate being in large, crowded spaces
  • Feeling overwhelmed by intense relationships is commonplace
  • You can be a calming influence on others
  • You can’t ignore people when they’re emotionally wounded

8. The Psychic Empath 

Spiritual and connected to the universal power, psychic empaths can sense spirits. If there is a presence of someone who has passed on they can communicate with them.

In the same manner that they can talk to someone who is sitting in the same room as them, the psychic empath can reach out to spirits and converse with them.

They can hear the messages that the spirits relay back to them and can pick up on cues from the beyond. They make excellent mediums and will have been this way since they were children.

The psychic empath has superpowers that make them a force to be reckoned with.

Signs That You Are a Psychic Empath 

  • You can feel the presence of spirits
  • As a child, you may have concerned adults around you as you continuous spoke to people that weren’t there
  • You could tell when people were about to pass away
  • You are not scared of death, you understand it

9. The Telepathic Empath

This empath is a mind reader. They can gauge exactly what a person is thinking and understand what is going through their mind.

To be around a telepathic empath is to be completely vulnerable, they can make people feel exposed as they easily dissect them.

They use their five senses to receive insights about people. There is not much that can be hidden from a telepath empath, they only need to look deep into someone’s soul and they are told everything that they need to hear.

Signs That You Are a Telepathic Empath

  • You felt like an outcast in your youth
  • You can hear people’s thoughts, sometimes as clearly as you can hear their voice
  • You have premonitions about what someone is going to say before they say it

What Types of Empaths Are You?

To find out what types of empaths you are, take a good look at the empath profiles and ask yourself which one do you resonate with. Are you more connected to animals than people? Can you feel people’s pain?

Only you know who you are.

All it takes is some inner work and introspection to recognize the type of empath you are. It may immediately jump out at you or it may take you some time to understand. Get in touch with who you are and you will have no doubt about what kind of person you are.

As empaths are so complex it can be confusing for some people to understand what category they fit into. They can have elements of one archetype and some of another. There are no black and white rules to being an empath.

Is Everyone an Empath?

The short answer is no, not everyone is an empath. Some people are very self-aware and conscious while others are not. You can meet one person that is in touch with their spirituality and another who rejects it completely.

The same can be said for being an empath. It is something you are born as, it is not something that you choose to be. It is a truly unique journey that cannot be duplicated by others. 

If you don’t feel as if you are an empath this is ok, you are still unique and wonderful in so many ways. It is important to not let labels dictate who you are. It comes down to the fact that you are an ethereal being who is full of magic and wonder. 

I truly hope you liked this post about the different types of empaths!

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