How To: Identifying & Contacting Your Spirit Guides

A Guide to Your Spirit Guides Identifying, Contacting, and Understand the Signs From Your Spirit Guides. You are never alone, this is a fact of life. Even if you are disconnected from friends or estranged from your family you are surrounded by guides that are working in your favor. These beings are divine and they…
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Heart Chakra Cleansing: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Is something weighing heavily on your heart? It may just be that your Chakra is out of balance. A well-maintained Heart Chakra is something that we should all be working to achieve. The impact that it has on our lives is important to our wellbeing and vitality. Here we will uncover what makes the Heart…
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How To Manifest Your Soulmate – The Ultimate Guide

There’s nothing like love. When we fall head over heels for someone the sun shines brighter, there’s a spring in our step and life just seems sweeter. The feeling of abundance that follows love is indescribable so it’s no wonder so many of us want to manifest our soulmate. If you’re on the emotional seesaw…
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14 Signs You Have A Wounded Inner Child (And 6 Ways To Heal)

We all have an inner child. It is a part of us that makes us what we are. This part of us can help explain why we react to our environment the way we do. Our inner child strongly affects our relationships, careers, and health. Why do I get offended by criticism? Why do I…
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Chakra Healing: The Ultimate Guide To Open Your Solar Plexus Chakra

The Chakras are sacred. Looking after them is the key to having a healthy body, mind, and soul. Ensuring that they are balanced can give us a deep insight into ourselves and will promote transformation beyond our wildest dreams. A major theme of the Solar Plexus Chakra is power and strength therefore its healing leads to…
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Zodiac Signs: 11 Facts You Need To Know About Pisces

Just like water runs unpredictably, so do people with the zodiac sign Pisces. Most of the time you can’t grasp them, because they tend to get lost in their dream worlds and fantasies. Sensitivity in the highest degree is the characteristic of Pisces. Psychic abilities, willingness to self-sacrifice, extensive love, and deep cravings – to…
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Shadow Work For Beginners: What It Is & How To Do it

What Is Shadow Work & How To Get Started? Discover this blog post for shadow work beginners!

12 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated Many Times

The term reincarnation refers to the re-manifestation of the soul in another body after physical death. For most people, reincarnation is a fascinating, meaningful, satisfying, and also comforting idea, and yet, reincarnation is a concept that is difficult to grasp for many of us. In this post, you will discover 12 extraordinary signs that your…
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22 Powerful Journal Prompts For Self-Confidence & Self-Love

Journal writing is like an all-in-one therapy and life improvement for me. I use my journals for manifestation, shadow work, and personal development in general.Journal prompts for self-confidence can help you to improve your mood, be more motivated, get to know yourself, and finally accept yourself. In this post, I give you 22 journal prompts…
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Integrating Your Shadow: Why Your Dark Side Is A Necessity & How To Integrate It

C.G. Jung defined the shadow as follows: “It consists of all the things we are, but never want to be”. Each of us has a shadow. A shadow consists of all those aspects of our personality that we do not want to admit and therefore banish into our subconscious. Here is the problem: If we…
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