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6 Months 6 Benefits: Deleting All My Social Media

Okay, I guess the time has finally come. I am hitting the button and deleting the social media that I had. After years of thinking about this step. The only thing I have left now is Whatsapp and Pinterest. Weird. Questions spinning in my head. Please note: This post may contain affiliate links that help…
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Journaling Ideas: 180 Inspiring Suggestions For Daily Journaling

What To Write About In Your Daily Journal Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life-changing but life-expanding.  Jen Williamson So… those who know me, know that I’m a fan of writing. I have now owned diaries for 10 years, and every single year is dedicated to a diary. I…
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Spiritual Awakening: 15 Major Signs You Are Having A Spiritual Awakening

Many of us heard about the terms of spiritual awakening, evolution, and expansion. But what is that, and how can you know when you become spiritually awake? Many of us do not need to practice any spiritual exercise in order to become awake and see life through other eyes. This article will talk about: What…
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How To Train Your Subconscious Mind For SUCCESS: 6 Exercises

The 6 Subconscious Mind Exercises You Need to be Successful Table of Content How can I Change my Subconscious Mind for Success with Exercises? The Key to Open Your Subconscious Mind with Exercises 6 Subconscious Mind Exercises for Success Change Your Subconscious Mind through Acceptance Visualization Daily Meditation for Success Pay Attention to Your Environment…
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20 Journal Prompts For Inner Child Deep Healing

Healing Your Inner Child With Journal Prompts In psychology, the term ‘inner child’ means that we all have a childlike side to our personality that is hidden in our subconscious mind. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a little child inside of you, but this side of you usually takes over when you are…
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32 Amazing Hobbies For People With Anxiety To Calm You Down

32 Calming Hobbies For People With Anxiety (+ Scientific Evidence) (Please note: This post may contain affiliate links that help me create free content for you!) Why Do We Have Anxiety? From the day we are born, there is anxiety in our lives. It sounds dramatic, but it is as natural as it is necessary.…
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The 3 Best Books For Deep Emotional Healing

Time heals all wounds, they say. But does it really? Probably all of us have had the experience that an emotional wound from the past continues to cause pain in the presence – and doesn’t just disappear overnight. It is, therefore, better not to rely solely on time and forgetting, but to become active oneself…
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14 Signs You Have A Wounded Inner Child (And 6 Ways To Heal)

We all have an inner child. It is a part of us that makes us what we are. This part of us can help explain why we react to our environment the way we do. Our inner child strongly affects our relationships, careers, and health. Why do I get offended by criticism? Why do I…
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Shadow Work For Beginners: What It Is & How To Do it

What Is Shadow Work & How To Get Started? Discover this blog post for shadow work beginners!

22 Powerful Journal Prompts For Self-Confidence & Self-Love

Journal writing is like an all-in-one therapy and life improvement for me. I use my journals for manifestation, shadow work, and personal development in general.Journal prompts for self-confidence can help you to improve your mood, be more motivated, get to know yourself, and finally accept yourself. In this post, I give you 22 journal prompts…
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