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Spiritual Awakening: 15 Major Signs You Are Having A Spiritual Awakening

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Many of us heard about the terms of spiritual awakening, evolution, and expansion. But what is that, and how can you know when you become spiritually awake? Many of us do not need to practice any spiritual exercise in order to become awake and see life through other eyes.

This article will talk about:

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

What Triggers a Spiritual Awakening?

15 Different Signs of Spiritual Awakening

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A Spiritual Awakening is when a person becomes aware of its real nature and own unique being. When this happens in your life, you will have a new sense of seeing things and the world around you. You will begin to trust life and use your inner voice when making decisions. You will be able to accept your emotions and really feel them, not repressing them through addictions and negative patterns.

You will release the old patterns where you react in your life based on your traumas and old experiences. You will know that the same thing will not happen again because you attract what you want in life, and you are able to release the old ways of thinking.

When you experience a Spiritual Awakening, many questions will come into your mind, and you will ask yourself a lot of questions because your ego will try to find all the excuses to keep you in fear and old patterns.

Who am I? Why am I here? What do I need to do? These are the questions that come into our minds when a spiritual awakening happens.

You will be pushed to see things differently and react with an open mindset to life and everything that happens to you. Because you begin to trust yourself, and you know that you have all the tools to become the best version of yourself and thrive.

A Spiritual Awakening is a moment when you come back to your natural self, your soul, the Source, Creator, God, or any belief that you may have. This means that you realize how much power is deep inside of you. That you can push the mountains away if you want to do anything to create a better future for yourself and others.

You will be able to release doubts, fears, worries, and pain. You will learn to live in the present moment; you will become in touch with nature and with the people around you.

What Triggers a Spiritual Awakening?

So many of us wonder about what can cause a Spiritual Awakening and how each person has a very different kind of ‘’awakening’’. The answer depends on the first seven years of our lives and the external environment each of us had in childhood and our whole life. For some people, it can be something very ordinary, mundane; for other people can come after a life-altering situation or trauma.

Some people try to find answers that can help them release pain, making them awake. But this depends on each of us and is different for everyone. Some people meet their Twin Flame or Soul Mates, which triggers an awakening and a profound evolution for them.

If you look at life with a broader vision, releasing judgments, and assuming every decision you make, you can trigger a spiritual awakening. Many of us start to understand that we are all connected, that we need love, compassion, and understanding to live a beautiful life, and this can make us awake.

Of course, there are also some symptoms and signs you can experience, and this is about what we will talk about hereunder.

spiritual awakening

15 Different Signs of Spiritual Awakening

1. You can experience profound revelations about many things in your life. Maybe remembering some events that can make you realize why you react impulsively sometimes.

2. You can start to see the patterns from your life that keep you stuck and in the comfortable zone. Those things repeatedly come into your life through events, people, reactions, losses, and traumas. Many of these things are Karmic, and they come to teach you those things that will help your Ancestors Line evolve. You chose these things to help you and make you grow, stepping into another level of spiritual wisdom and understanding.

3. You can experience feelings of detachment and separation from your old ways of living your life and spending time with people.  You will see differently the people and things you used to love. You will start to balance many things and aspects of your life, and you will become your first priority. These experiences can become confusing, but you are able to use your intuition and inner voice to find the right answers. You will know what you need to release and what you need to keep in your life.

4. You will start to have other priorities and spend your time wisely. You will begin to take care of yourself and have a regular sleep pattern. Some people quit their old jobs, start to do something new, then slowly release the old work that no longer makes them feel fulfilled. You will become more passionate and wish to do more things that you like and make you become in touch with yourself.

5. You will begin to understand your inner self and what you need to do in this life. You will have many new priorities and values that will make you see life from another perspective.  You will find your purpose; this means working and liking what you do. When you wake up in the morning and know that you need to work, do what you want, without being pushed by any external thing to do that, you will know what real fulfillment and freedom mean.

6. You will start to love and appreciate every little part and scar from yourself. You will begin to release all those things and people who are no longer in touch with what you want to do in life; you will know how to speak your truth and walk away from old situations and patterns. You will start to see these patterns happening in the present moment, and after a while, it will become amusing to see how life brings you sometimes the same things to see if you react in the same way or evolve.

7. You can experience many synchronicities that will show you how beautiful life is and how easy it is to be connected if you pay attention to details and release the need to control everything. The key is to live in the present moment as much as you can; this means starting to listen to your respiration and becoming aware of how you breathe. Let your respiration travel down to your belly; when you breathe into your chest, all the tension and emotions you are experiencing sit on your fascia, which will make you experience pain in your muscles and bones. Breathe consciously as much as you can, and love that second and moment. Even this present moment when you read these words. Appreciate every little thing in life and become grateful for everything that comes in your way.

8. Your beliefs about yourself and your path in this life will start to change. You will have a broader perspective about how to do things and what you need to do next in life; because you will live in the present moment and trust that everything is happening with a reason: 1 to make you happy or 2 to make you learn something. There is no good or bad; there is just your perspective of seeing things. Your old ways of reacting and letting your emotions guide you.

9. You will start to connect with interesting people who will make you feel more secure, in your own skin, and in the way you see life. You will begin to have new hobbies and passions. You will have new life perspectives and experiences. Sometimes your family, friends, or the people close to you will not resonate with your new lifestyle; believe me, after you learn unconditional love, you will change, and this will be seen all around you. You just need to be yourself, be patient, and do what you can to love, appreciate, forgive and release what is no longer good for your inner evolution.

10. You will become more patient and start to analyze situations, not react first. This will make you start to respect yourself and also the people around you. You will begin to set new boundaries, which will make you become more balanced and in line with yourself. You will know who needs to stay in your life and who does not. 

11. You will start to acknowledge that your priority in life is to feel good, love, and appreciate yourself. This will make the people around you love, appreciate, and feel good around you. Through this, you will have a more wonderful social life, and you will start to attract situations, places, and people that can make you evolve further. Know that your mindset, the thoughts, and the words you are giving to yourself each day create your world and how people see you. Your external world is a reflection of your inner world. All the things that happen in your external environment reflect your inner reality; many of these things come to teach you something.

12. You will start to send gratitude, appreciate yourself and your life. This means that you will share gratitude each day for anything and for every little thing that happens in your life because you will know that you are blessed. You will start to acknowledge how much light you have in yourself, which will make you rebirth and detach from all your shadows and all your fears. All those things that keep you stuck. All those emotions, guilt, and grief.

13. You will begin to be more in tune with your new life and with your unique experiences. You will love yourself and understand that you can cope with everything that comes in your life because everything is a lesson or a pleasant memory.

14. You will start using your intuition, connecting with your Higher Self, and listening to your inner wisdom. This means that slowly you will be able to detach from your ego, old beliefs, and fears. You also need to know that the ego is a good thing, from where we learn a lot of things, but sometimes we need to disconnect, become kinder, and love more. When we start to radiate love and gratitude, the ego melts. You will become in line with your soul, body, and mind.

15. You will start to see those people and things that are no longer good for you. You will know when people lie to you or when they take advantage of you. You will learn how to detach and how to let go of those situations that make you feel the same as in those old patterns. Your mind is the key, and all the thoughts you have each day.

Every person in your life is a mirror of your wounded inner child, which needs attention, love, and listening. Pay attention to all the little things that make you become anxious, stressed or make your breathing speedy.

 A Spiritual Awakening is when you start to see that all the things you do not like in someone are a reflection of what you do not like and accept in yourself. Live your life filled with compassion, understanding and let go of all those attachments.

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