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Manifestation Guide: How to Manifest Anything You Want in 24 Hours

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Do you struggle to manifest your visions and dreams? You most probably heard of the Law of Attraction, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Often, manifesting seems easy, but the reality is – it isn’t. We have all kinds of subconscious barriers that hinder us from attracting what we truly want.
This post shows you how to overcome these barriers and manifest anything you want in 24 hours.

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In order to succeed in your manifestations, you must truly believe in them, which unfortunately is often not so easy.

Most people have deeply rooted beliefs that come from their experiences and their childhood, and that keep pulling their energies and vibrations down.

But, let’s talk about the basics first.

What does manifesting mean?

There are many different ‘definitions’ of the word manifesting.

Basically, manifesting means to bring your thoughts, feelings and beliefs into reality.

This means: what you focus on is what you bring into your reality. This counts for positive things, as well as for negative things. The universe doesn’t make a difference between negative and positive.

You can focus and manifest through meditation, visualization, journaling, or simply through your consciousness or subconsciousness.

This process is called manifestation!

Let’s say, you were thinking about getting a new job and you were focused on this goal. Your thoughts and feelings are really important here to help you manifest the job you want.

You could proceed and try to meditate, journal (my favorite way) or visualize your goal.

If you then get your new job and it is exactly how you wanted it to be, you successfully manifested it into your life.

Now that you know what manifestation means, it is time to find out how manifestation works.

How does manifesting work?

According to the Law of Attraction, a manifestation is the process where your thoughts and your energy can create your reality.

Having a constant negative mindset will prevend you from manifesting the things you truly want.

So, the first thing to do when you want to manifest something is to take a look at your thoughts and feelings.

Are you feeling bad? Are your thoughts concentrating on negative things? If yes, you could begin to manifest things that you do not want in your reality.

Therefore it is important that you have a clear and positive mindset when you want to manifest.

Manifestation does not only work with your thoughts, but there must also be some form of action from your side.

This can be applying for the jobs that fit what you are looking for or participating in the interviews. Or if you want a new partner, be open for him and keep your eyes open on Facebook, dating apps, in the gym, and in the supermarket around the corner.

In other words, we want to combine a positive mindset and actions to achieve the desired result.

Try to keep your vibrations high and positive; this will help you not only to manifest the things you truly want in life but also to have a better and more fulfilling life in general.

16 magic ways to manifest your desires

You have the power to create, and you are capable of manifesting your dreams by forming a vision for your life and intentionally choosing beliefs, feelings, and behaviors that will support that dream.

If you need some inspiration, here are 16 magic ways to manifest your desires.

1. Write Wish-Letters

Take a piece of paper and start writing about your ideal life, partner, financial situation, or whatever it is that you desire.

Describe every detail of your goal and pretend that you have already achieved it.

“I’m so happy that I am with a loving partner. Our relationship is harmonious. My partner does everything for me and I for him. There are no conditions in our relationship…”

“I’m so grateful for my new job. I love the feeling of appreciation for what I achieve every day. My salary is more than I could possibly spend…”

2. Be grateful

When you truly feel a sense of thankfulness for all the countless blessings in your daily life, you send a direct message to the cosmos that you have all that you want. And this will bring you even more blessings.

Imagine constantly worrying about the lack in your life: bad job, missing relationship, being broke. This will bring you only one thing: even more of this lack.

Be grateful for the little things in life. Make it a habit to write down 3 things you are grateful for every day. Even little things, for example, someone paid for your coffee, or a stranger smiled at you.

3. Visualize your perfect reality

Spend a little time every day imaging every aspect of your ideal reality.

Who are you? How do you dress, walk, speak? With what kind of people do you interact on a daily basis? How is your ideal partner? How does your home look like?

Concentrate on the feelings and make your perfect world as realistic as you can. Feel the happiness and your body radiating high vibrations.

4. Create a new You

Imagine yourself having all the things you wish for and being everything you’ve always wanted.

Do you want to be a successful, self-confident business woman? Then imagine yourself living the businesswoman-lifestyle and being this tough woman everybody looks up to.

Create a clear picture of your new You and act like this person until it feels normal.

Fake it till you make it.

5. Let go

Yes, many of us have some ex somewhere deep inside our minds. Or many of us still think about decisions that didn’t bring the results they were supposed to.

If you hold on to things from your past, then new, fresh energy cannot enter your life.

You have to let go of everything that drags you down or that you might feel bad about.

It doesn’t help you anyways to think about things you can’t change, so why wasting your time and energy?

6. Prepare yourself for your manifestation

How would you act if you knew that your dreams come true?

If you knew you would engage in a new relationship, you would try to look your best and workout.

If you would await new customers, you would mark the time on your calendar and create a folder with the name “New clients”.

If you knew you would create new streams of income, think about the things you want to buy with the money. What would you spend your next Dollar or Euro on?

Plan your vacation, search for the dog you’ve always dreamed about, look for the perfect home, and imagine yourself signing the contract.

7. Say “Miracles can happen every day..”

Be open to miracles. Believe that they can happen every day. Because they happen and they happen to you.

Think about it. How many people become millionaires every day? How many people find their soul partner every day? How many people achieve their fitness goals every single day?

This is why I want you to believe. You can be one of those people.

8. Don’t be overly attached

There are infinite possibilities how your wishes can manifest in your life.

Instead of becoming too attached to a particular partner, job, house, or opportunity, you should develop an open mind and an unwavering confidence in the unfolding of your dreams.

The universe knows what is good for you and it will bring you in its own way exactly what you need.

9. Follow your intuition

Sometimes we intuitively know what we should do next.

Maybe you feel like starting a new project or calling your crush.

Do what your intuition tells you to do – even if it is scary.

10. Take time for your happiness

Instead of not feeling happy until you have manifested the life you desire, you should begin to find a way to love and embrace your life in the present moment.

Make a list of things that give you pleasure – like working out, playing with your dog, going to the sea, drinking coffee with your best friend – and plan them into your week.

Happiness is a way of living and thinking, not a goal.

11. Live in the present moment

If you constantly focus on the past or maybe the future, you will never see the miracles that happen to you every day.

Every day is such a great opportunity to achieve something and get closer to your goals.

12. Write your dream story

Write about your dreams like they just happened.

Write down how you just got accepted at your dream workplace or you just met this really cute person and he or she asked you out on a date.

Make sure to write a detailed description of all the wonderful things that happened and how they made you feel.

13. Make a list of proofs

Make a list of all the little proofs that happen to you every day.

Think about your day. What happened to you that shows you that your manifestation is close?

Maybe you want a new job and just heard from a friend about a good opportunity.

Or you want to manifest more money and someone took you on a free ride.

I remember I was in a time where I wanted to manifest money and I went to the center. I left my car and headed over to the parking machine to buy a ticket. Suddenly a guy came over and gave me his ticket with the words “it still has one hour left, you can keep it”.

This was a little, but clear proof to me that my goals are manifesting and that the universe is sending me money in its own way!

14. Use affirmations

Affirmations provide a very powerful and effective way to change your subconscious mind and manifest your dreams.

Write down a list of powerful affirmations, that make you feel good and that represent your wishes.

I am strong. I attract money like a magnet. I am loved. I am wealthy. I am connected to my higher self. I live the life I have always wanted.

15. Clear and activate your chakras

Often, our chakras store old and negative energy that hinders us from manifesting what we want.

This means for us that we need to clean our chakras and then activate them.

You will see, once you align your chakras with your energy, you will start to radiate high vibrations and feel energized, happy, motivated, and inspired.

16. Build a manifestation board

One of my favorite ways to attract my dreams is by using manifestation boards.

Start to collect pictures of your ideal home, partner, lifestyle, body, dog, clothing, vacations, etc.

Look at these pictures and feel like these pictures are your reality.

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