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Psychic Abilities: 11 Exciting Signs You Are Claircognizant

Prophets speak with a certain assurance, but not because their predictions are based on logical considerations and facts. Their gift is very similar to the intuitive and psychic ability, I dedicate this blog post to: claircognizance. Claircognizant people possess the gift of psychic knowing without any evidence whatsoever. Claircognizance is the fastest psychic ability and…
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Psychic Abilities: 13 Remarkable Signs You Are Clairsentient & What Clairsentience Really Is

Clairsentience is a psychic ability to sense and feel the energies around you and is one of the most common psychic gifts. Most of us possess one, or even two psychic gifts, often without even knowing. Do you sometimes wake up with a feeling that you will either have an amazing or bad day? Or…
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15 Questions You Should Ask Your Spirit Guides & How To Connect With Them

We all have spirit guides, but most of us have never tried to talk to them or ask them questions for spiritual guidance. Spirit guides are beings of the highest truth and they help us throughout our lifetime and beyond to align us with the universe and evolve our soul. In this blog post, I…
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Psychic Abilities: The 4 Types of Intuition

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t understand the world and the things happening to you and around you? Before I started developing my intuitive senses I felt the same. I wanted to know more than I could understand with my “normal” human senses. I’ve always known that I have special abilities inside me. Almost…
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