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Psychic Abilities: 13 Remarkable Signs You Are Clairsentient & What Clairsentience Really Is

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Clairsentience is a psychic ability to sense and feel the energies around you and is one of the most common psychic gifts. Most of us possess one, or even two psychic gifts, often without even knowing. Do you sometimes wake up with a feeling that you will either have an amazing or bad day? Or maybe you can feel the bad energy in a room where people are fighting. Some people would call it a “gut feeling”. In this post, I’ll explain what clairsentience is and cover the most typical signs of clairsentient individuals (including me).

13 Remarkable Signs You Are Clairsentient & What Really Clairsentience is

What is Clairsentience?

Clairsentient people have the psychic ability to sense and tune into the energy of places, situations, and people. With this psychic ability, we can make predictions for the future, perceive the feelings and vibrations of other people, as well as the energy of objects.

We all know mothers who had a “feeling” that something was wrong with their child. And then, thanks to their senses, they were able to save the children.

Clairsentience is strongly connected to our Solar Plexus Chakra which starts above the diaphragm and extends to the navel. This part of the body contains many necessary nerves, which act like an antenna for energy.

This is also the area we feel the most when we are in love and have “butterflies” in our belly. Or when we feel bad.

Do you sometimes intuitively cross your arms in front of your stomach and Solar Plexus area when you feel bad, so you feel less vulnerable? You see the connection.

We also often turn towards people or things with our bodies to be able to perceive them better.

What are 13 Signs of Clairsentience and Clairsentient Individuals?

1 You feel the energy in rooms

Clairsentient people go into rooms and feel the energy as feelings. Even when a fight, debate, or discussion is already over, they can sense the bad energy.

When you enter a room you instinctively know whether you feel comfortable or not.

2 You have difficulties being in big crowds

Often, feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress are not yours, but of those around you.

You basically absorb the feelings and energies of people around you, which makes it difficult and draining to be in a large crowd of people – unless you learn how to control your psychic gift.

3 You completely trust your feelings

When it comes to making decisions, you are the one person who listens to their feelings rather than to “logic”.

4 You try to avoid the news

Watching the news is exhausting for you on a daily basis.

This is no wonder because the news rarely mention anything positive. You try to avoid watching the news to protect your energy and feelings.

5 You have strong initial feelings about persons

Signs of clairsentience also contain having strong initial feelings and impressions about people when you first meet them.

Everything about them, their looks, their voice, their vibes, create feelings and impressions in you, which most often prove themselves to be true.

6 You make sure to feel comfortable in your clothes and in your home

Instead of following the latest trends, you prefer to choose clothes in which you can feel comfortable. The same applies to your apartment and home.

Maybe you feel uncomfortable in tight clothes or high heels and prefer to dress more casually.

7 You are extremely sensitive

Seeing things that are either incredibly beautiful or very sad touch you a lot, even if these things have nothing to do with you.

Emotional movies therefore regularly make you cry and you catch yourself thinking about them hours and days after.

8 You stay away from negative people in your life (or at least you try to)

People who are always nagging and complaining are incredibly stressful for you because they drag your energies down. You just feel bad after spending time with them.

Clairsentient individuals often surround themselves with people who normally have a more cheerful and positive temperament.

9 You feel bad events before they happen

Often you have a “bad” gut feeling and feel anxious when something is wrong – even before you actually know that something is wrong.

A typical and already mentioned example is a mother who simply feels that something is wrong with her child.

13 Remarkable Signs You Are Clairsentient & What Really Clairsentience is

10 Your mood is always changing

It is especially because you are absorbing the energies of your environment that your mood changes abruptly.

Therefore, you should learn to control your emotions so that you are not constantly overwhelmed by events and things.

Learn to meditate and be mindful or write a diary, in which you can make room for your feelings to be analyzed and processed. These techniques create relief and have many health benefits, too!

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11 You have a special connection to animals

Clairsentient people often have a close relationship with animals, like dogs and cats. Animals sense when you are not feeling well and react with affection to calm your feelings and vibration.

12 You feel the presence of spirits

Do you sometimes feel like you are not alone? Or that someone is watching, or even touching you? You probably feel the spirits around you!

Clear signs of clairsentience! But you don’t have to be afraid.
Spirits only want to help you or convey important messages.

13 You physically feel the pain of others

Usually, you find it hard to watch violent movies because you can physically feel the pain yourself.

Maybe you are like me and close your eyes during violent scenes.

Or when a girlfriend tells you about her grief, you feel physical discomfort.

I hope you found the 13 signs of clairsentience useful and interesting!

Feel free to comment down below your signs of clairsentience or maybe psychic experiences you’ve made!

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This Post Has 13 Comments

  1. Elena

    Was literally just thinking about this in the car, coming home from a crowded grocery store I couldn’t wait to leave. Thank you.

    1. Elsa

      Thank you for commenting, Elena!
      I totally get you, we absorb like sponges all the energies and vibes of other people – leaving us anxious and stressed, too!
      I’ve had times where I would feel every time super stressed and sometimes almost like passing out when going to the grocery store.
      Now, I try to go to the gym and the grocery store at times when they are less crowded and I learned how to control my feelings.

      Love and light to you, Elena!

      1. Jameson

        Are all of you also very sensitive to physical extremes like cold or hot? Or loud sounds? Lights etc.? I am affected a great deal by all of those. I even feel like I may pick up on my WiFi signals in my home? Or something of that nature.
        As far as crowds I only go out late hours to shop when their are very few people and I tend to connect with someone in need of guidance or clarification at least once or 2x a month. It’s too difficult to connect when their is a great deal of hustle and bustle. It’s my way to release all the energy that clings to me.

  2. Joanna

    Wow I’m so shock. All 13 signs is what I go through in life I thought I was just to sensitive or emotional. Especially in crowds I always get headaches and feel so drained that I just stay away from crowds..theres so much I go through and didn’t understand.thank you for sharing this .

    1. Elsa

      Hey Joanna,
      I totally feel you!!
      Now that you know that you are clairsentient, maybe you can cope better with your psychic ability!

      Love and light, Elsa.

  3. R sihag

    90% things r true for me… But the spirits r coming to control me.. N my aura is also like black black fog around me… What i do..whould u plz like to support me..what i do…

  4. Dianne

    I’m 73, and have felt all these things my whole life. I see the sadness in the eyes of smiling faces and feel the pain of broken hearts deeply. It brings me tears at the death of every living thing and I hurt to know they suffered. The only relief I’ve found is in listening to music and driving. I look for the beauty in everything and keep telling myself that it’s the circle of life.

    1. Elsa

      Hi Dianne!
      Thank you so much for your comment. As a clairsentient myself, I can understand you 100%. This psychic ability is a gift, but can also cause suffering. We have to learn how to deal with it and to protect our energies. Yes, it’s the circle of life – energy goes and comes, transforms itself. Each life on this earth is an important soul lesson for every being. Love and light, Elsa <3

  5. Zaky

    All sign in me….no wonder i always run from gossiping circle….its drawn my energy…and what should i do after i know this?

  6. Jameson

    I have always been told since a very young age that I was “psychic” by adults who would ask me all types of questions and and tell me to give them numbers and on and on. I always laughed and would try explaining it was not that I was psychic just very in touch with my instincts. I hated giving them lottery numbers because I felt so much pressure to be “psychic “ for them.
    I always believed it to be an ability everyone has. But due to the bad feelings they just chose to turn off all their feelings. I am claircognisant and clairsentient. Though I do feel sometimes some of the explanations contradict one another. For example I am logical as well as lead by feelings. I just know to trust my feelings to alert me to when I must use logic. And my logic helps me to understand my feelings and why I can trust them.Everything is relative. I also find whenever I accept my nature and attempt to use it or control it. It is not helpful at all? Do you have any idea where I may be going wrong. I do so appreciate all the information. Thank you for sacrificing your time and energy for the benefit of others it warms my spirit.

  7. Emily charles

    I am a clairsentient and worked as one for many years. Because of covid I now work in a managerial position for a company! I find it incredibly hard not using my gifts. Sometimes I am emotionally all over the place because I am not working. But…..(now heres the positive) I have an amazing relationship with my spirit guide. He was a Knight In his last life. It such a blessing, but I do think that we all have capabilites. If you believe and work hard and let go, that’s the hardest bit. It’s possible learn so much as if you pay attention there are little epiphanies everywhere. You may have someone like my guide already, Arthur has been with me for 44 years. Thank you for this article and everyone who commented. After we are all connected and it’s lovely for me to hear that others have the same issues sometimes. My spirituality is beautiful and has helped me, it has guided me to be, kinder, wiser, loving and to really care about others. The downside is when you feel peoples vibrations that are against you. It’s so hard to explain to others who haven’t discovered their abilities like we have, just how difficult it is to feel EVERYTHING . Peace.

    1. Elsa

      Hey intuitive babe,
      wow! I love this comment! I agree 100% with all that you described. I often feel emotionally all over the place, especially in times when I don’t keep up with my spiritual “hygiene”.
      I’m also really grateful for my spirit guide. He gives me comfort, guidance, and support in difficult times.
      I also think we all have psychic abilities, but the most of us have lost touch with our spirituality.
      My next blog post is about how I deleted social media and how this helped me reconnect with my inner voice and highest self.
      “My spirituality is beautiful and has helped me, it has guided me to be, kinder, wiser, loving and to really care about others.” – Definitely! It makes me a better person that radiates love and peace rather than negative things! It helped me to really make peace with persons or situations in my life that made me keep negative energy inside my mind and body.
      It also helped me to trust life and the universe, everything makes sense now. I made a blog post about spiritual awakening, but I think it’s hard to describe to people who haven’t reached this point in their journey yet.

      Thank you for your comment.
      Sending you love and light beautiful soul,
      Elsa ♥

  8. Lorraine Basden

    Hi Elsa
    My name is Lorraine, I am 61 and just discovering a laundry list of abilities that I’ve had but never developed. One such ability scares me a bit though…i can feel that something bad is about to happen but never enough clarity to do anything. For example my bf’s grandmother lived in Cali. We are in Nevada. I never met her. One Saturday I had a feeling something was wrong. I warned him to get there but he thought I was playing. Sunday around noon they found her. He should have been there.
    Thank you for the validation

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