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Psychic Abilities: The 4 Types of Intuition

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Do you sometimes feel like you don’t understand the world and the things happening to you and around you? Before I started developing my intuitive senses I felt the same. I wanted to know more than I could understand with my “normal” human senses. I’ve always known that I have special abilities inside me. Almost every time when I got asked to guess certain numbers I could find the right answer and leave people speechless. I could even find several high rewarding bets for my boyfriend to make. It took some years for me to stumble upon the life-changing book “You Are Psychic!: The Free Soul Method“(affiliate link) which was a total eye-opener for me. In this post, I want to introduce you to the 4 types of intuition.

What is Intuition?

Intuition can be described as a direct sense of knowing because psychic senses receive and react to certain kinds of energy. There are 4 different types of intuition and people have at least one or two of these psychic abilities.

Imagine being able to use up to 9 of your senses, instead of 5. You would be able to know so much more and use this knowledge for your success. Your psychic abilities help you to intuit someone’s character, personality, and future events.

The 4 Types of Intuition

Clairaudience (The psychic ability: Hearing)

Clairaudience is a psychic ability that helps you hear intuitive information. This way you can receive messages from your higher self, spirit guides, or deceased loved ones.

It can be your own voice that you hear. Also, it can be sounds, music, or voices of your spirit guides and angels.

Clairaudient people have a special connection to music. They most often also play instruments or write their own music to reconnect with their self. Not surprisingly, they prefer listening to podcasts over reading a book. Also, they spend a lot of their time thinking.

Clairvoyance (The psychic ability: Seeing)

This psychic ability is related to our third eye. People with this psychic gift have visions and see the future in their (day-)dreams.

How you recognize clairvoyant people: They need light; They want to see things and they need to have an “inner” picture; They have intense dreams.

Fun fact: My father, who is clairvoyant, always lightens all the lamps in the house, regardless of whether it is night or day.

Clairsentience (The psychic ability: Feeling)

This is the ability is closely related to our body, basically to our “gut feeling”. In fact, the area this psychic ability is located in starts above the diaphragm and extends to the navel (where our Solar Plexus chakra is located, too). This intuitive and psychic ability lets you feel energies, emotions, and sensations.

Have you ever been in a room with other people who were fighting? You probably felt the “bad” energy. You can feel if something bad or good is going to happen and your feelings help you to make important decisions.

People with the gift of clairsentience are empathetic for the feelings and energies of others – which has the downside that they can feel “overloaded” and then they need time alone to re-energize.

Claircognizance (The psychic ability: Knowing)

Claircognizant people are also called “prophets”. Claircognizance is the psychic ability to intuitively know. The messages that you receive pop up in your mind and fly by really fast.

From the 4 types of intuition, this is the fastest, but also the most fleeting.

Claircognizant people are logical, analytical, think, learn a lot, and have many sudden ideas. They are good writers and prefer reading books.

Ready for your spiritual self?

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