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15 Questions You Should Ask Your Spirit Guides & How To Connect With Them

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We all have spirit guides, but most of us have never tried to talk to them or ask them questions for spiritual guidance. Spirit guides are beings of the highest truth and they help us throughout our lifetime and beyond to align us with the universe and evolve our soul.

In this blog post, I want to share questions with you that you could and should ask your spirit guides. By connecting with your spirit guides you will receive enlightened guidance in every area of your life.

You can see your spirit guides as a nonphysical presence that is always there to give you strength, guidance, and encouragement so you can leave your fears and weaknesses behind and tap into your real inner power.

15 questions to ask your spirit guides

How do I connect with my spirit guides?

Many people have never consciously noticed signs from their spirit guides because they simply have never tried to call them in. In my experience, your spirit guides will only approach you in emergency situations if you don’t actively ask them for their guidance.

You have to be willing to connect with your spirit guides and to be open to what they have to say.

There are various ways you could connect to your spirit guides. 3 great ways are prayers, meditation, and journaling.

Sometimes you will hear an audible sound, sometimes you will feel an inner sense of knowing, and sometimes you will feel a flow of words coming right through your hands while journaling. Just take your pen and let it flow.

Another way is to ask for a sign. You could start with “If I should do…please show me…” and choose a sign. For example, you could ask your spirit guides to answer your questions with a certain number combination.

Don’t question their answers. Have faith in your psychic abilities and in your spirit guides.

15 Questions to ask your Spirit Guides

1) Ask about their names.
2) Ask for protection.
3) Ask about your true life purpose.
4) Ask about your past lives and how they impact your current life.
5) Ask for help with difficult decisions.

6) Ask about your soul partner and whether or not your current partner is “the right one”.
7) Ask how you can contribute to a better world.
8) Ask why certain difficulties happened or are happening in your life and how they will help you grow.
9) Ask how you can develop your intuitive gifts.
10) Ask how they can help you with your spiritual development.

11) Ask on what aspect of your life you should focus on in the next 12 months.
12) Ask how you can find true happiness and peace with yourself and your life.
13) Ask how you can strengthen the bond to them.
14) Ask how you can know that they are around.
15) Ask them to help you manifest your true desires.

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