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Law of Attraction: How to use scripting to manifest love

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There are all sorts of law of attraction methods out there that you can use to manifest your desires: wealth, health, the perfect job, the perfect dog… or love. While visualization is one of the most common techniques, scripting or journaling should not be underestimated!

Actually, many people find scripting easier and more effective to manifest their desires.

I personally use scripting in my everyday life to manifest good grades, money, vacations…. and love.

What is scripting?

When we talk about scripting we mean writing out particular things we would like to manifest. You can also write your perfect life story. Try to get into detail as much as possible.

How would you describe your ideal partner?
How would he look like?
How would he behave?
How would you feel around your partner?
How would you spend your time together?
How would he treat you?
How does he earn a living?
What kind of hobbies does he have?

You can get a journal or diary to start scripting and manifesting! Over the past couple of years, I have bought several beautiful diaries that are my “manifestation journals“.

Some of my beautiful manifestation journals.

5 tips to use scripting to manifest love

1 Know what you want – AND what you do not want

How do you really want your partner to be? When it comes to scripting to manifest love you should always differentiate the positive from the negative.

Make a list of things and important aspects of your dream partner. Write down what you want and expect from your relationship and what you do not want.

When it comes to scripting you should only phrase your manifestations in a positive form otherwise you attract what it is that you do not want. Take negative statements and turn them into positive ones.

Instead of saying “I do not want my partner to be controlling” you should rather say “My ideal man trusts me and gives me the personal space I need”.

2 Use the right expression

Instead of saying “I found my perfect soulmate”, “We are so much in love”… You should rather write “I’m on my best way to attract the ideal relationship” or “My perfect partner is coming very soon”.

Why? I know many manifestation gurus say you should pretend that you already have the things you want to manifest but… If you say things that are not true your subconsciousness will notice and then you will not 100% believe in your manifestations.

Better pretend that you manifestations are on their way. This will make it more realistic and it will be easier for you to entirely believe in it.

3 The right beginning and ending

You should start your entries with the right beginnings and endings to make the things more official and to give your wishes and dreams the right frame.

You could start your entries like this:

Dear Universe,
I am so grateful that I am on the right path to attract and manifest my ideal relationship.

And end them like this:

The law of attraction does everything it has to do to make my dreams come true and manifest my ideal relationship.

4 Feel your manifestation

When you are done writing go over your text again and read it. Take your time and feel what you have written.

Are there some parts or sentences that do not make you feel good? Enhance and rephrase them until they elevate your vibrations “high” enough.

5 Let go

I script every morning – it has become a ritual for me to start my day off. You can script at any time you want.

Once you are done and feel energized you should let go of your wish. Go ahead with your day and rest assured that the universe is working in your favor.

Sometimes we want something too much that we are basically all the time worrying about what it is that we want. And worrying will prevent your wishes to manifest in your reality!

Scripting affirmations to manifest love

  • I am so happy and thankful that my ideal partner is coming into my life soon.
  • It feels amazing when I think about all the wonderful experiences we will make with my future partner.
  • I love to think about my relationship as fulfilling and caring.
  • I would love to see myself next to my ideal partner.

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