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12 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated Many Times

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The term reincarnation refers to the re-manifestation of the soul in another body after physical death. For most people, reincarnation is a fascinating, meaningful, satisfying, and also comforting idea, and yet, reincarnation is a concept that is difficult to grasp for many of us. In this post, you will discover 12 extraordinary signs that your soul has reincarnated many times!

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The Belief In Reincarnation

The idea of reincarnation was the most common idea about life after death at all historically known times.

The belief in reincarnation implies that consciousness does not depend on the brain, that we ultimately exist beyond matter.

Consciousness, and therefore life, does not depend on matter. The soul incarnates into the world to collect experiences.

In the course of many reincarnations, the soul develops and completes itself.

Every life is important and valuable. Every life has its lessons and learning tasks.

However, we don’t have to be afraid of doing something wrong or missing something. You can make up for every mistake, you can make up for everything you have missed.

Every experience is meaningful, even if we don’t know it at the moment of the actual experience.

There is a reason why the belief in past lives exists in many cultures. Especially in Buddhism and Hinduism, the belief in reincarnation is widespread.

Hinduists in particular believe that the soul is immortal and moves from one body to the next.

Consequently, according to this belief, people who have been reborn always remember a little of their old life.

12 Signs That Your Soul Has Reincarnated

12 signs your soul has reincarnated

1. You Have Recurring Dreams

The first sign that your soul has reincarnated is related to your dreams and especially the ones you see over and over again.

Everything feels real: The people in it, the environment, the experiences. But: it has nothing to do with your reality.

The people are not familiar to you and you have never seen the surroundings (in your current lifetime).

Your subconscious maybe wants to show you your past life.

2. You Have Déjà Vus

Have you ever had that strange feeling of “I’ve been here before,” even though it’s impossible because it’s the first time you’ve been to this place?

This feeling is commonly referred to as déjà vu (French for “already seen”) and it describes the experience of feeling like you’ve experienced a completely new situation before.

Everyone has had the feeling that they already have experienced a certain moment.

Déjà Vus are another sign that your soul has reincarnated.

Maybe you actually did have a similar experience – not in this life, but in your previous lives.

3. You Have A Good Sense For People

It’s strange: you meet someone for the first time and yet you feel like you’ve met him or her before. And this happens to you quite often.

In general, you have a good sense for people’s behavior. You look them into their eyes and immediately know what character and intentions they have.

In your previous lives, you have already met many of these souls and you recognize them therefore easily.

4. You Have Fears And Phobias That You Can’t Explain

In many cases, we know where certain phobias that we have come from: A traumatic experience in childhood, fear of the unknown.

But sometimes we simply can’t explain why, for example, we are afraid of swimming in deep waters even though we have never had any negative experiences.

Some believe that these phobias arose from traumatic experiences in our past lives.

5. You Like To Be Alone

When your soul is in the world for the first time, you try compulsively to make social contacts and to be part of everything.

However, if your soul has reincarnated many times, then you spend your time either with people you really like or rather by yourself and you prefer to concentrate on other, for you, more important things.

6. You Remember Past Events That You Didn’t Even Experience

Over the past 50 years, doctors at the ” Medical Center’s Division of Perceptual Studies” at the University of Virginia have collected and studied cases of young children reporting memories of past lives.

Children between the age of 3 and 5 years can remember their past lives particularly vividly. For older people, these memories have usually already faded.

So if your child keeps giving you clues that he or she has already lived, you should take this seriously and do some research.

7. You Want To Visit Faraway Places And You Are Attracted To Certain Cultures

Perhaps you have some memories of a certain culture, country, or city from a past life and have an unquenchable desire to visit this place again in this lifetime.

You are particularly fascinated by people from certain cultures, religions, and places.

You notice that your soul is longing for a certain place and culture – where you may have lived in your past lives.

8. You Enjoy Deep Conversations

Small talk is boring for you and you avoid it as often as possible.

Instead, you prefer to talk for hours about deep topics like psychology, the universe, and history.

Gossiping about others and superficial topics are rather uninteresting to you.

9. You Are Extremely Sensitive

Reincarnated souls are often extremely sensitive and empathic.

If you describe yourself as an empath, it might be because your soul has lived many lives and your soul is especially sensitive to the energies of your environment and fellow human beings.

You are searching for the true meaning of your present life and want to contribute to a better world.

You avoid crowds and negative energies because they make you feel anxious and uneasy.

10. You Can Predict The Future

Another sign that your soul has reincarnated has to do with your psychic abilities.

If you keep impressing your friends and family with predictions that actually come true, it’s because your soul has been in the world for so long that you immediately recognize patterns and can anticipate what’s about to happen.

11. You Have A Soul Mate

If you get along with someone from the first moment and it doesn’t take words to express your feelings for each other, it could be because you have met before in another life – and were already close there.

You may have been lovers, friends or relatives in your past lives.

12. You Feel Older Than You Are

Some people are wiser than they should be at their young age. This could be because their soul is already much older and more experienced.

You have already spent a few lifetimes on earth, so according to the theory of reincarnation, you are much more experienced and self-reflective than other people.

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