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The 16 Best Thoughts On Life

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The 16 Best Thoughts On Life

The impact that our thoughts have on our lives is truly remarkable and can be witnessed on a daily basis.

Pessimists remain unhappy and lonely throughout their lives. Optimists, on the other hand, are often more successful, happier, content with themselves and others.

You should therefore carefully evaluate which thoughts dominate your everyday life and which ones you should rather banish. Here are the 16 best thoughts on life that will give you an impulse to reflect on your habits.

The 16 Best Thoughts On Life

Best Thoughts On Life #1
You Can Earn Money But No Time

Of course, we need money to survive. The more money we have, the more freedom we have. The less we have, the harder it is to survive. But is money the most important thing in life?

We spend countless hours, days, weeks, months, and years of our lives working. Money can always be earned and things replaced. But every second that passes never comes back to you.

In other words, we can earn money, but we can’t earn time.

In fact, we don’t know how much time we have. A few months or another 60 years?
If you knew you had only 3 months to live, would you still put all your energy into your work?

Of course, you should work and your work should be fulfilling, but there is so much more to life that you should enjoy in the here and now – before it’s too late.

Best Thoughts On Life #2
Don’t Let Them Steal Your Time

As we have now realized, time is a precious resource of our lives. So don’t let others steal your time!

We often go to appointments we don’t even want to go to or listen to people who are constantly complaining about everything. I bet you know such a person.

You shouldn’t let such people drag down your mood or even steal your precious time by trying to “improve” them. We have our own hurdles in life and enough to deal with for our own personal growth!

Spend your precious time wisely and with people who are good and fulfilling for you.

Best Thoughts On Life #3
We Have More Than Just The Weekend

Are you familiar with this? You work 5 days, Monday to Friday, and the only thing you can think about is Friday afternoon, after work?

Finally relaxing. For 2 days. But most of these 2 days are also scheduled, that we don’t get the rest we need.
So shouldn’t we start using our workdays to relax? The problem is, we don’t lack time.
We just fritter it away on things that aren’t really useful to us.

Set priorities and start thinking of your workdays as “valuable” days too.
Do you want to spend your time after work on social media or doing things that are actually good for you and your soul? Take a bath, journal, meditate.

Take time for yourself and what really makes you feel at peace.

Best Thoughts On Life #4
Find Work That Really Fulfills You (And Don’t Just Sell Your Time)

If we think about it, we spend a third of our lives working. And we’ve already realized how precious our time is.
No job in the world can pay you for enough that time, and then perhaps you have a job that you hate or that even makes you feel bad?

However, you can look for work that has a deeper meaning for you and that fulfills you.
You don’t have to be a doctor to find such a deeper meaning.

What do you enjoy most? Where are your talents?
If we spend a third of our day working, then our work should be important to us on a deeper level.

Best Thoughts On Life #5
Your Boss Is Not Better Than You

No human being is better than another human being, and that also applies to your boss! You should always meet your boss on equal terms and with respect – and vice versa.

Besides, your boss doesn’t want to just give away their money, they depend on you. Both sides benefit from each other and need each other, so there should be gratitude on both sides.

Best Thoughts On Life #6
Don’t Live The Life Of Others

Don’t waste your time and energy comparing yourself to others – otherwise, you will miss out on your own life.
Maybe other people have it easier in their lives – they don’t worry about their financial resources, but these people have other worries.

Each of us can succeed in life. How “successful” we are in life depends on ourselves. On what you consider “successful“.
Therefore, don’t try to compare yourself to your environment, but work on yourself first.

Best Thoughts On Life #7
Appreciate Things Before They Are Gone

Let’s start with a well-known example. There is a couple, but they are already so immersed in their routine that they don’t put much effort into their relationship.

Each of them assumes that the other will still be there the next day.
Suddenly one of them leaves the other and the other person becomes aware of what they have lost. Then the suffering starts and the desire to have them back.

The same thing happens to us with our health. We drink, we smoke, we treat our bodies badly, we don’t recover from stress, and our mental health is considered unimportant.

We think it won’t hit us. It’s always the others. It’s always the others who are shown in the news or on tv. But when it hits you, you suddenly become truly aware of one essential thing: I only have this one life, and it’s in danger right now.

So in the here and now, we should really become profoundly aware of all the positive things we have in our lives. Every day, we encounter so many wonderful things that we need to recognize and appreciate.

Show your partner how much you love them. Show your body that you are grateful for its hard work every day. Show yourself that you are a valuable person who is allowed to take time for yourself.

Best Thoughts On Life #8
You Have To Face Your Fears To Overcome Them

Many of us have fears and the following is for those whose fears don’t take away from their quality of life.
For those with severe anxiety disorders, the first place to go is a therapist!

Even as a psychology student, I had (and to some extent still have) to deal with anxiety.
Fears are basically misinformation in our subconscious that something bad is going to happen. When we stand in front of a cliff and look at the abyss our fear is justified.

We might fall and die. When we have to give a presentation or talk in front of others it is unjustified – what is the worst that can happen? That you make a fool of yourself? And so what. Such fear is an error in our subconscious.

In order to reprogram this error, we have to actively put ourselves in the situation that triggers our anxiety. When we are then in the situation and, for example, give a presentation, we realize: okay, it’s not that bad.

When we do this more and more, the fear becomes weaker and weaker and disappears. We give our subconscious proof that this is not so bad and that we will survive it.

Of course, the first step is uncomfortable. But do you want to be controlled by your fear all your life? Do you want to give up your dream job just because you don’t like talking in front of people?

Best Thoughts On Life #9
Don’t Resist Change

Why are we afraid of change when it is so important to our personal growth?
People are afraid of the unknown. Everything that is not in our comfort zone takes away our sense of safety. Why should we leave our comfort zone if we don’t have to?

Let’s think again of a couple in love. The two had a beautiful relationship, but have grown apart over the years. They have developed different attitudes to life and new values, they now have different expectations of a fulfilling partnership.

But often these couples stay together even though they are no longer happy and content in their relationship. They are afraid of the break-up, of being alone again after years, of having to live the “single life” again. They stay with each other out of fear of change and become increasingly unhappy in their relationship.

A breakup is always connected with pain, with fear of the unknown, but staying in a wrong partnership also only leads to emotional tensions with yourself and your partner. It is then time to surrender to the change and to take this important experience with you for your own personal growth and life.

Best Thoughts On Life #10
Take Care Of Your Body – It Is Your Most Precious Possession

We spend so much time taking care of our possessions. Our cars, our houses, our smartphones, and more. But we often forget to take care of our most precious possession: our body.
But it’s the body that carries you through life, that allows you to enjoy and be happy.

If your body is not healthy, you lose your quality of life. Therefore, you should eat consciously, do your sports, and take time to cope with stress.

A healthy body also has a positive effect on your psyche. Your self-esteem increases, you feel better, you are more relaxed and balanced, which will ultimately also help you in your personal growth.

The energy you gain from treating your body well is worth more than any possessions you have.

Best Thoughts On Life #11
Failure Is Not A Bad Thing

This is probably one of my best thoughts on life that I always bring up with other people seeking advice.

There is no such thing as failure in life. Every negative experience you have will help you in some way in your life. It will show you what you can do better next time, it will help you in your personal development, and it will teach you what does or does not fit you.

When people ask me if they should take a bold step, change jobs, explore an exciting business idea, ask their crush out on a date, I always say yes.

If you don’t, then you’ll always wonder “what if?”.

Best Thoughts On Life #12
You Just Poison Yourself With Bad Thoughts

Do you know this feeling? Someone else has done something bad to you and you are so terribly upset about it that your whole day is ruined?

At the same time, this person is probably no longer thinking about what they have done and is probably having a party.

You, however, are angry, upset, can’t concentrate on your tasks, and may even complain to your partner and friends. This one stranger has made it pretty deep into your life.

The same goes for negative news and social media. Is it worth it to you to get upset about things you probably can’t change?

It is up to you to take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings. Do you really want to give other people so much power over your life?

The only person you are harming with negative thoughts is yourself, no one else.

Best Thoughts On Life #13
You Don’t Have Problems, You Have Challenges

Delete the word “problem” from your vocabulary. I, too, am initially distressed by a major or minor “problem” and the first thought that comes is usually “Oh gooood, how is this going to be okay?”.

It doesn’t matter if the laptop just crashed, you disappointed your best friend, or the mail went to the wrong recipient, or an appointment was scheduled incorrectly… The only thing that actually helps:

Ask yourself the right questions and find a solution. Thinking is nothing else than asking yourself questions.

An honest (!) “Sorry, my mistake” in combination with quick brainstorming on how to solve this best brings me much more instead of despairing and denying. As soon as I act, I am already on the right way to solve this challenge.

Problems are opportunities or challenges that you can grow from. If you manage to change your attitude towards problems, you will see the adversities of life with different eyes.

Even towards difficult people, someone once recommended me to see them as bad angels: people who just exist so that I can learn my lesson.

Best Thoughts On Life #14
Making Mistakes: Better Than Expected

Mistake, mishap, slip-up, misstep, lapse, or even faux pas – the possibilities for naming a mistake are countless. But they all have one thing in common: nobody wants to have anything to do with them.

Mistakes are frowned upon, considered a sign of weakness, and a stigma of personality. People who make mistakes are not good at what they do. The biggest mistake most people make is to believe these very claims about mistakes, from which only negative consequences result, first and foremost insecurity and stress.

Therefore the explicit demand: Allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes…

Look at things from the other side, don’t get angry about a mistake you’ve made, but recognize the opportunities behind it. It’s worth overcoming your fear of failure and turning your inner error culture around and reshaping it for the long term.

These four good reasons shape together one of the best thoughts on life and suggest that you should make more mistakes in the future without feeling ashamed or afraid of them.

  • You learn something
    • Error-free action is often declared to be the optimum. What is disregarded is the possibility of development. While it may be important, especially in a professional context, not to make a mistake in certain situations that could worsen a result, skills can only grow from such mistakes.

      Those who always seem to do everything right never have to question themselves, never have to learn or explain their actions. They simply miss the chance to improve their strengths even further or to work on previously unrecognized weaknesses.
  • You strengthen your personality
    • A strengthened personality can only develop if it also has to deal with its own mistakes. A more positive attitude towards mistakes and the firm belief that you can get back up after a setback only comes about when you have been confronted with them and learned that you can move on.

      So mistakes themselves can make you less afraid of making mistakes in the future. The more often you have this experience, the more you internalize that mistakes are nothing to be afraid of.
  • You will work more efficiently
    • A paradoxical thesis at first glance, but if you allow yourself to make mistakes, the way you work will benefit and increase efficiency. Hardly anything slows us down as much as perfectionism, as everything should be worked out to the smallest detail and preferably checked several times.

      If you accept that perfection is almost unattainable and not mandatory for good performance, you will be able to concentrate on the essentials, process tasks faster, and still achieve good quality.
  • You increase your chances of success
    • Mistakes make you more successful? Yes, indeed, because now you know what doesn’t work, where there might be potential, or which ideas should be reconsidered. In other words, with each mistake, you get closer to success and eliminate alternatives that didn’t work.

      Mistakes thus contribute to self-reflection and sharpen your self-image in a way that success cannot. At the same time, it’s a matter of self-confidence and perseverance to keep trying.
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Best Thoughts On Life #15
Praising And Being Proud Of Yourself Is Important

Many of us were taught by our parents to be humble.
If you talk about yourself, it should be criticism at most, not self-praise.

However, self-praise is essential for our self-esteem, which we need in order to face further challenges and achieve our personal goals.
By praising ourselves and admiring ourselves for our achievements, our self-confidence grows, which gives us a sense of trust and confidence in ourselves for our further development.

On social media, we see every day how people look for the approval of others. They don’t enjoy their vacation, they just document it. They buy a car not because they like it, but because everyone might be impressed by it.

Psychological studies have shown countless times that people are addicted to this validation. They have a lack of self-confidence and can’t get through the day without social approval.

Your psyche needs feedback – so give it the feedback. If you don’t give it to your psyche, then you will look for acknowledgment from others.

Best Thoughts On Life #16
Being Alone Is Good For You Every Now And Then

When was the last time I was really alone?”. A seemingly simple question, but one that got me thinking and led to one of the best thoughts on life.

By really being alone, I mean: no TV, no smartphone, no radio, no partner, no friend telling me about everyday experiences, no e-mails, and no phone calls.

And here are the reasons why we should start adding more “me” time to our calendars:

Being alone relaxes both the body and the brain. The distraction-free zone, therefore, provides us with new energy. We are subsequently more focused and productive again.

Those who learn to go through life alone usually get a good understanding of their feelings and needs very quickly. In everyday life, we often focus on what others expect from us. By being alone we become aware of what we ourselves think, feel and need.

So we also learn what we really long for and what desires still lie dormant within us.
While loneliness can be a reason for depressive moods, conscious “me time” is even a form of medicine and helps to prevent mood swings.

Being alone also often leads to our creative cells coming back to life. While in hectic everyday life we always have a scribbled sheet of paper in front of us, figuratively speaking, this sheet is white when we are alone. Creativity needs space.

And we often find this space when we are all alone with ourselves.

Being alone strengthens self-confidence. Through me-time, we not only get to know ourselves better, but we also learn to appreciate ourselves more. One’s own company becomes more and more enjoyable. In addition, we learn not to depend exclusively on the positive feedback of our fellow human beings.

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