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8 Clear Signs From The Universe That The Law Of Attraction Is Working!

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You have learned how to practice the law of attraction and use methods like scripting, visualization, and meditation. You actively send out your desires over frequencies and work on eliminating limiting beliefs. Now you are about to become the creator of your life and manifest what you have always wanted. How exciting! At this point, you have to learn to understand the signs of the universe.

Understanding how the universe communicates with you and sends you signs can help to keep you motivated.

Sometimes the universe takes longer to manifest certain wishes – but you can rest assured, as the universe has heard your wishes and always responds!

Well, the universe may take longer to manifest your desires because all the frequencies and energies you have ever had are still in the energetic quantum field.

When you implement new beliefs, the universe may take longer to understand them and manifest accordingly.

Therefore it is important that you remain motivated even if you do not immediately manifest the desired results!

Many of my wishes get manifested on the same day, others, after some months. Then every time I have a moment where I think to myself “Oh yes, that’s what I wanted to attract months ago!”

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8 Signs From The Universe That The Law Of Attraction Is Working

1) Animals Following You

You might notice that there is always an animal around you, which probably has a message for you.

For example, on the way to work you might see the same bird or cat every morning.

2) Vivid Dreams

The universe also communicates signs through vivid dreams.

You might see the very same dream over and over again, which then becomes reality.

3) Seeing Angel Numbers

Engel numbers are probably the best-known signs from the universe.

Do you frequently see certain numbers like 11:11 or 4:44?

They can appear on the watch, on a bill, in the supermarket, or they can show up on the washing machine and Youtube videos, as they often do for me.

4) Spirit Guides Appear

We all have spirit guides and they present themselves sooner or later.

Our spirit guides are there to navigate us through our lives and encourage us to make important lessons.

When your spirit guides appear to you, it means that you are on the right path to living the life that you always wanted.

signs from the universe that the law of attraction is working

5) You Feel Extremely Energized

Do you feel butterflies in your stomach (the activity of the Solar Plexus Chakra)? Or do you feel super energized, happy or excited without knowing why?

This is great!

This is a significant sign that your wish manifestation will very soon become your created reality.

6) More Synchronicities

Are there any coincidences? NO!

Nothing happens by accident.

The universe arranges synchronicities because they attract our attention. You have a feeling that something happened for a specific reason.

For example, synchronicity means that you were at the right place at exactly the right time to meet a certain person who will play an important role in your manifestation.

Synchronicities are very clear signs from the universe that it has heard your wishes and is reacting accordingly.

7) Increased Intuition

What is your intuition telling you?

With our intuition, we can receive messages from the universe that help us to manifest what we want.

For example, your intuition can help you to make the right decisions or it can warn you not to do certain things.

8) Amazing Things Happen To You

When great things happen to you all the time, it is a sign from the universe that your vibration is at the right frequency.

When I say great things I don’t mean that you just win 10 million dollars or euros (which would be the optimal case), but rather I mean small, everyday things.

A stranger gives you a smile or helps you out. Someone invites you for a coffee or drives you home so you don’t have to spend money on a cab or uber.

One day I went to the center and wanted to park. A stranger came up to me when I was at the ticket machine. He gave me his ticket and said “there are still 30 minutes left, you can have it”.

These are small things that happen, but they leave a fantastic feeling and show you that the law of attraction is working for you.

For Those Who Are Impatient… Ask The Universe For Signs

I know… often you think about what you want to attract and can hardly wait! And then you get frustrated when the manifestation takes some time.

In this case, you can do this.

You take a diary or journal and write the following:

Dear universe, show me what I have already manifested!

You can also repeat this phrase internally or use it in a meditation, I am just a huge journal-enthusiast.

As I describe in this blog post, the universe answers each and every one of our questions – without exception.

If you request signs from the universe to show you what you have already manifested, it will answer you joyfully.

For example, if your wish is to earn 5ooo dollars or euros a month, the universe will send you many small amounts of money.

New customers and contracts, a salary increase, or a new and better job could be waiting for you.

Or maybe the universe will help you to develop a business idea, which is energetically on the frequency of 5ooo dollars per month.

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Comment below your common signs you get from the universe! I would love to hear about your experiences!



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