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Law Of Attraction: 32 Powerful Questions To Ask For Manifesting

  • Post last modified:30. October 2020
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Everyone who has dealt with the law of attraction to manifest has learned that one should have intentions. In this post, I will show you how to ask the universe questions for manifesting – any why questions are actually more effective than intentions.

I will also share with you 32 powerful questions that will help you manifest wealth, health, love, and success.

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Why Questions Are Better Than Intentions For Manifesting

Questions for manifesting desires can be even more effective than intentions because they are not limited to anything specific but they open up possibilities.

Fixed and defined intentions limit our actual potential.

The universe can show you wonderful possibilities through its answers, which you have never thought of before.

Your mind is limited to its knowledge and experiences that you have made in your life.

Let the universe show you what else is possible and how you can create your ultimate dream life.

The universe always answers our questions.

Every question you ask is associated with a specific frequency. This frequency will come back to you as an answer.

The Right Way To Ask Questions For Manifesting

The more questions you ask the universe, the more wonderful answers will you manifest and the more can the universe show you your full life potential.

The important thing is how you ask the questions.

The best way is to ask questions about wealth, health, love, and career, or anything else you truly desire, and to express them in a positive way.

Questions can also help you to realize what you truly want and to focus your energy on it.

Every morning you can ask the universe a question to set your energy right for the day.

My favorite question I ask every morning:

Dear Universe,
What beautiful miracle awaits me today?

In this way, I give the universe the opportunity to surprise me with something amazing every day!

Try not to force the answer. Trust that the universe always answers our questions.

Get inspired by the following 32 questions for manifesting to formulate your own according to your desires!

32 Powerful Questions For Manifesting And Attracting Your Desires

1) Why am I always filled with love and happiness?

2) Why do I achieve my goals and dreams with effortless ease?

3) Why does money always flow to me and multiplies itself?

4) What beautiful miracle awaits me today?

5) Why is my relationship so intimate and loving?

6) What should I do for a successful day today?

7) What can I do to make my relationship even better?

8) What am I so grateful for?

9) Why does my boss think I am so competent?

10) How can I get even better at my job?

11) Why am I always so happy and optimistic?

12) How would I feel if I lived my ideal dream life?

13) How much money can I earn today?

14) How can I help other people today?

15) Why does my partner love me so much?

16) How and where could I meet my dream partner today?

17) Why do I have so many great clients every day?

18) How will other people miraculously surprise me today?

19) How can I reach the next career level even more easily and faster?

20) How can my life become even better?

21) Why am I so successful in making so much money?

22) Why do I attract money like a magnet?

23) Why do I get calls with great job offers daily?

24) Why do I feel so healthy?

25) How can I get even more potential out of my life?

26) Where should I go on my next dream trip?

27) Why is life so wonderful?

28) Why does the universe manifest all my desires?

29) Why am I a master in using the law of attraction to manifest all my desires?

30) Why do I have so many loyal friends who always support me?

31) How will my boss reward me today?

32) How can I become the best possible version of myself?

If you truly want to take your Law Of Attraction game to the next level, I recommend the Law of Attraction Daily Planner.

As a planner and journaling enthusiast myself, I use a planner every day to make my goals crystal clear and set my mindset for success!

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