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Shadow Work: 35 Journal Prompts For Deep Healing

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We all have a shadow. A shadow belongs to our human nature.
Shadows are parts of our personality that we unconsciously possess and suppress – out of fear of exposing them.
And yet they express themselves every day, for example in jealousy, anger, sadness, or aggression.
Through shadow work, we want to uncover these shadows, accept them, learn to love them, and finally let them go in order to unleash the greatest possible potential for our lives.
In this post, I present 35 journal prompts for shadow work that will touch you deeply and provide a basis for raw healing.

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How Your Shadows Shape Your Reality

We try to hide and suppress some parts of our personality, from others and even from ourselves, so that we can hide our true – and most authentic self.

Our shadows are the root of all thoughts that imply that we are not enough, that we do not deserve our dreams, and that we are not loved.

If we carry our shadow with us like a burden, deeply hidden in our innermost being, and often not even directly visible to ourselves, then we can never live the life we always wanted to.

We all have a picture of ourselves. Who are YOU?

Your picture of yourself with all its facets is the combination of all experiences, successes, traumata, failures, feelings, and emotions.

The connection between our shadows and our manifested reality is that they influence our self-image, often negatively.

The self-image is the building block of our reality.
Whether it is because it changes your mental attitude or because of the law of attraction.

Imagine a girl who has learned from her parents for years that her opinion has no value.

She will probably be extremely shy as an adult and have problems to show her true potential in front of others and especially superior people.

Regarding the law of attraction inner negative attitudes towards ourselves lead to – failure.

These attitudes are barriers to our vibrations and prevent us from manifesting what we actually want.

Instead, we manifest negative outcomes. And this often has to do with the thought that we do not deserve one thing or the other: love, money, happiness.

What we manifest then is a lack of everything.

With shadow work journal prompts we try to achieve real and deep healing.

You will expose your shadows, begin to accept and love them, and finally let them go.

Shadow work is not pleasant. It brings to light emotions and feelings that we have long been suppressing. But these feelings and emotions are a part of everyday life – often without us even realizing it.

35 Journal Prompts For Shadow Work

You will see that the following journal prompts for shadow work are about trust, love, acceptance, affection, sadness, anger, appreciation, and forgiveness.

1) Which of my weaknesses could actually have potential?

2) What makes me feel the happiest?

3) How worthy do I honestly believe I am?

4) If I could communicate with the person I was 10 years ago today, I would say…

5) Why do I have issues with trust?

6) The way I spend my daily life is how I will spend the rest of my life. How do I feel about this idea?

7) Do I trust myself?

How we respond to these shadow work journal prompts has to do with our childhood and in the experiences we made.

8) How can I have more trust?

9) Which situations have shaped my personality and why?

10) While reflecting on my childhood, what makes me extremely angry or sad to this day?

11) My absolute dream life: How does my perfect day begin?

12) Do I handle my feelings in a healthy and constructive way?

13) Do I project certain aspects of myself onto others?

14) Did my parents provide me with everything I needed?

15) What makes me really angry and why?

16) Would I describe my childhood as happy?

17) What is it that makes me sad?

18) What do I consider the most challenging for me?

19) Have I forgiven myself?

20) Have I forgiven all the people who ever hurt me?

21) If I would write a letter to a person who hurt me, what would it say?

22) How do I react when something does not turn out the way it should?

23) If I would write a letter to myself, apologizing for all the self-blame, what would it say?

24) How can I cope with sadness in a healthy way?

25) Which behavior, that I know is wrong and has negative effects, do I repeat over and over again?

26) How long do I reflect on failures or mistakes? Do I have difficulties in coming to terms with them or vice versa – do I suppress such experiences?

27) Do I find it hard to forgive?

28) How long do I need to forgive?

29) Am I honest with myself about my feelings?

30) Am I honest to other people about my feelings?

31) Do I completely accept and love myself the way I am?

32) Do I reward myself when I accomplish something positive?

33) How do I deal with failures?

34) What is it that I would like to heal from?

35) What are my negative personality traits and when do they emerge?

The Ideal Journal For Shadow Work

Now that you have the journal prompts for shadow work, you also need a journal!

Finding the perfect journal is a necessity.

Of course, you could use any paper you have lying around, but I always recommend having a journal, which you like and love to use.

The right journal makes you feel comfortable writing in it and helps you to keep coming back – and not to give up after some days.

I have always used the Paperblanks books because they are of exceptional quality, have a fantastic texture, and are incredibly beautiful!

Get them on Amazon:

I hope you found my journal prompts for shadow work helpful! Comment down below if you have any questions.

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  1. Amethyst

    Love the article so informational🙏🏿💚Are these daily prompts to respond to daily or all at once?

    1. Elsa

      Hey Amethyst,
      Thank you so so much for your comment!
      You can use these prompts as you like!
      I would start with 3-4 a day, take my time, and respond in every detail.
      Don’t forget that shadow work can also be a little bit uncomfortable, so feel free to take all the time in the world, go within yourself and continue as long as your energies allow for that day!

      Sending positive vibes, love, and light,
      Elsa <3

  2. Brandee Houillon

    I think I’m confused by question number one. Which of my weaknesses has potential. Potential to benefit me or potential to actually be a negative impact on me?

    1. Elsa

      Hi Brandee,
      Each of our weaknesses has some kind of positive potential. For example, let’s say someone is extremely lazy. This person might be lazy, but they know how to relax and live in the moment. Or someone who is a bit shy and prefers to talk less can be a great listener. Think about the good sides of your weaknesses – even tho they aren’t directly visible. When we embrace the good sides of our negative sides it becomes easier to accept and integrate them for healing.

      Love and light,
      Elsa! 🙂

  3. Perian

    Half a woman, half a shadow! Let the learning start. Thank you!

  4. Ja'Mesha

    Hey! this will be my day 1 of doing shadow work, Im wondering after I finish the prompts what should I do next to further my journey?

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