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What Is Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign

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The zodiac sign is a huge part of our identity and can determine our characteristics, preferences, and typical behaviors. Interestingly but not surprisingly, people feel deeply connected and attracted to certain animal species. Our attitude to life, to people around us and also some character traits are strangely similar to some specific animals. If you have ever been curious about which animal is most similar to you, you should take a look at the stars and discover your spirit animal according to your zodiac sign.

Aries – Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign: Wolf

Aries are assertive and have a strong self-confidence. They love danger and risk.

Sometimes they tend to be intimidating towards other people.

With Mars, the fight planet, as ruler of their zodiac sign, their energy knows no limit. You remain constantly active, both mentally and physically, because you cannot sit still for too long.

Wolves share this quality with you by always running around with members of their pack.

People born under the Aries zodiac sign are resilient and you can always rely on them and their support.

Aries-borns are wild and untameable and always find a way to assert themselves and get what they want.

Just like wolves, they are also known to have strong leadership qualities. If there is one zodiac sign that everyone trusts to get the job done on time, it is Aries.

However, both, the wolf and the Aries are known to be somewhat moody and aggressive at times when things don’t go as planned.

Taurus – Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign: Bear

Bulls are down-to-earth and certainly the most reliable sign of the zodiac. They are not afraid to work hard to achieve their goals.

This zodiac sign is always there for you and especially when you are in need.

Tauruses are known to be stubborn. Their environment must adapt to it, as they tend to avoid any changes whenever possible.

They are all about routine and their own natural rhythm. Nothing and nobody upsets them.

Bears also have these characteristics, because they follow a rather strict schedule from which they never deviate.

Just like a bear, Tauruses have a big heart and are there for their family in every situation.

Tauruses also are not afraid to work hard for something. Bears are the same, especially when it comes to finding food.

Gemini – Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign: Gorilla

Gorillas are inquisitive and learn quickly just like Geminis.

Geminis are very social people. They have a strong need to communicate, are always curious about what others have to say or what they do.

Gorillas want to be well informed and therefore always communicate with members of their group about new and exciting things that have happened to them or that they have learned.

Cancer – Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign: Cat

Cancers have deep compassion and empathy for people around them and this is part of their good nature. They feel responsible for other people, help them whenever they can, and take time for them.

Cancers are also known for being loyal people and always being there for others. Because they are naturally very sensitive, they take an unusually long time to open their hearts to others.

The people who are close to them mean everything to them, but Cancers have a paradox way of showing it.

They always seek contact with other people, but from time to time they also need distance to re-energize themselves because of their sensitive, energy-absorbing nature.

In one moment they let themselves get pampered with social contact, in the other, they prefer to be left alone. Just because of these qualities cats fit best to this sign of the zodiac.

Leo – Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign: Lion

Leos correspond to their sign of the zodiac and are therefore an absolute exception among the signs of the zodiac.

They trust their abilities and their attraction. As kings of the animal world, they are strong and fearless leaders.

Lions are constantly marveled at and regarded as truly magnificent creatures. They walk proudly through the world but nevertheless radiate warmth and cordiality.

The spotlight attracts them irresistibly and they always long for applause and admiration.

Leos love to be the center of attention and therefore nobody should try to steal the spotlight from them.

They are also known for their generosity and protective instincts, and therefore courageously and fearlessly enter dangerous situations.

Sometimes they may forget themselves and let others feel their claws.

Virgo – Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign: Rabbit

Virgos are very careful and cautious because they are afraid that they will get disappointed. But once you have gained their trust, they surprise you with boundless love.

They always strive for perfection. They can be a little critical of themselves, but only because they know what they are capable of.

For these reasons, they are very similar to a rabbit. Rabbits are calm animals that are rarely the center of attention. Instead, they stay in the background and observe their environment from a safe distance.

Rabbits also love nature, just like Virgos. It gives them the peace and balance they desperately need from time to time.

Libra – Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign: Dog

People born under the sign of Libra have a great need for a balanced life.

They are loyal and social, and certainly resemble everyone’s best friend – a dog!

They are in need of harmony and always want everyone to be happy. No doubt they are the peacemaker in their circle of friends and always help to resolve disputes.

They like to talk, but they also like to listen. Generally, they love to be given honest attention.

Just like a dog, they cannot bear to be alone. They need to be constantly surrounded by friends and family members.

Fortunately, Libras and dogs are loved by everyone and everyone wants to spend a lot of time with them.

Scorpio – Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign: Snake

The typical Scorpio is mysterious and independent. He likes to go his individual way and is not afraid of challenging situations.

This zodiac sign feels deeply connected to snakes because Scorpios are always ready to attack when they feel threatened.

They are very assertive and are not afraid to bring something to light or to directly communicate weak points.

Because they are mysterious, they tend to hide in the dark until the time comes to show and reveal themselves to others.

The main reason why scorpions resemble snakes is that they are ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation. They have the gift to quickly adapt to new circumstances and reinvent themselves over and over.

Just as a snake sheds its skin, they are willing to constantly change and evolve.

Sagittarius – Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign: Owl

Inner strength and reliability are two of the Sagittariuses’ best features. They love their freedom and independence.

In their lives, they always need adventure and traveling world. They like to keep an overview and are known for their need for harmony.

They are most similar to an owl because they also love to be able to see everything from the air.

They wish they had their own wings to make traveling easier and to be able to explore the world.

Owls are also known to be incredibly wise. The same counts for Sagittarius-borns. Their thirst for knowledge tempts them to always search for the truth, important insights, and to discover the meaning of life.

Capricorn – Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign: Elephant

They are reliable and responsible, and of all the signs of the zodiac they have the greatest self-control.

Once they have made a decision, nothing can stop them. The Capricorn is tough and persistent and pursues his goals with tenacity.

The animal that has similar character traits and behavior patterns as this zodiac sign is the elephant.

Like an elephant, Capricorns make their way to success. They are also responsible and family-oriented.

Their family is the most important thing in the world for them. They have a strong protective instinct and are always ready to put themselves in danger for their family members.

Aquarius – Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign: Peacock

The typical Aquarius is a true individualist and a unique person which makes it easy to recognize an Aquarius.

They are social and friendly persons who directly show their personality and who they are.

Often, they have a rather self-confident and unusual way of dressing which makes them an eye-catcher on the street.

Animals that go well with this zodiac sign are beautiful and stunning peacocks that show their huge, impressive train. It is like they are saying “Look at me – look how fabulous and unique I am!”.

Pisces – Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign: Delphin

Pisces is a water sign and due to this fact the dolphin is assigned to this zodiac sign.

Dolphins love water just as much as Pisces do and are equally sweet and good-natured at heart.

Both Pisces and dolphins radiate great peace and balance. They are compassionate and gentle and always put the needs of their loved ones above themselves.

The typical Pisces is sensitive and vulnerable. Sometimes they dive down into their own fantasy and dream world to protect themselves and their emotions from other people.

Although they are a bit nervous and shy by nature, they love to be active.

Dolphins are social creatures and therefore always live together in bigger groups. They are known for not wanting to be alone and they feel most comfortable with family and close friends.

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