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The Best Job And Career Choices According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Finding the right job is often not that easy. When I was 18-19 and thinking about what I should study I was feeling overwhelmed by all the options. Facing this huge decision, it took me months full of uncertainty to figure out what I truly want. So many people at this age feel lost – and I totally understand this. I took a look at the stars while hoping to find help and guidance. And I did. Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about your strengths and weaknesses, about the things you like and don’t like. As a Scorpio, I have an analytical nature and like to dig deep into things and concepts; I chose to study psychology, which was a recommendation for Scorpios I often read – and I never looked back. So I did some research and looked at the people around me in preparation for this post. Discover the best job and career choices according to your zodiac sign!

the best job and career choices according to your zodiac sign


Aquarians are unique persons with a free spirit. They have big plans and avoid working “normal” jobs. As an Aquarius, you like working in unusual companies, where you can discover new things and live out your creative side.

You are happy when many people benefit from your work because you have a great desire to make the world a better place – you are a true humanitarian.

You are highly intellectual, endlessly curious, innovative, hard-working and creative.

Best job and career choices according to your zodiac sign

Aquarians are good scientists, technicians, electrical engineers, game developers, artists, fashion designers, or astronauts. Many Aquarians I know also work in non-profit-organizations or help out as volunteers.


Pisces-borns like to be creative and have a strong social vein. Because of their sensitive, careful, and helpful nature, people feel very comfortable in their environment.

Pisces-people are not the most talkative, but they are very good listeners, who show a lot of understanding for their counterparts and can usually trust their intuition as they are highly spiritual persons.

Pisces are good in professions where tact, inspiration and empathy are required.

Best job and career choices according to your zodiac sign

Pisces are good doctors, nurses, psychologists, pastors, bartenders, authors, or personnel managers.


The ambitious Aries loves action, variety, and challenge as one of the most competitive zodiac signs. You don’t mind taking risks and you climb the career ladder in no time at all.

With your enthusiastic, striving nature you are made to do your own business where you can be your own boss.

As an Aries, you also have a strong physicality which you like to use. Sitting still and being passive is nothing for you, so you are well-advised to stay away from an office job.

You like jobs where you can show off your abilities and feel important.

Best job and career choices according to your zodiac sign

Aries are good entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes, policemen, farmers, managers, or coaches.


As a Taurus, you work patiently and persistently towards your goals. You are rather practical and need certain securities.

You only make decisions after careful consideration and you always keep control and overview of everything that is important – this also gives you a good eye for finances.

On the other hand, the down-to-earth Taurus does not like surprises as he needs stability, routine, and comfort. He, therefore, needs a job in which he does not have to be very flexible and he has no problem chewing through the same things over and over again – actually many Tauruses choose office-jobs.

Tauruses also have a good eye for aesthetics since they are ruled by Venus, which is why they often choose artistic jobs.

Moreover, Tauruses have a deep connection to nature. They often find themselves in jobs that require being outside.

Best job and career choices according to your zodiac sign

Tauruses are good farmers, landscape architects, gardeners, craftsmen, technicians, fashion-designers, accountants or stockbrokers.


Geminis are the definition of communication. You are perceptive, communicative, and like to meet new people. Many Geminis pursue jobs that give them the opportunity to self-express like songwriting, acting, and journalism.

Famous Geminis are Marilyn Monroe (Actress and Singer), Colin Ferell (Actor), Tupac Shakur (Rapper), Kendrick Lamar (Rapper), Walt Whitman (Poet, essayist, and journalist) and Donald Trump (I think most of us know him).

You do need a job with a certain flexibility where you can embrace new and different challenges every day. Also, you hate firm structures and dependence on others and need space to develop yourself, which is why many Geminis are self-employed.

Best job and career choices according to your zodiac sign

Geminis are good publishers, journalists, presenters, salesmen, politicians, actors, (song-)writers, and tour guides.

the best job and career choices according to your zodiac sign


Cancers are kind, sensitive, and like to be there for others. They are empathic and extremely caring and nurturing, which is why they often choose jobs with a lot of human contact where they can be helpful and emotionally connect to others.

Think about jobs in the areas of healthcare, childcare, and education. Your protective and caring nature is made for jobs in these areas.

Best job and career choices according to your zodiac sign

Cancers are good therapists, kindergarten teachers, nurses, musicians, actors, or teachers.


Leos are born leaders. Determined and confident in their own abilities, they pursue their goals and often find themselves in manager-positions.

Moreover, Leos have massive egos and are made for the spotlight. They love attention, getting seen, and admired. They often choose jobs where they can show off themselves; not surprisingly, many people on TV or Youtube are Leos.

Due to your Leo-nature, you feel strongly committed to others and enjoy a lot of trust. You like helping people and doing jobs where you can feel proud. Moreover, you want to make a severe impact on other peoples lives.

Generally, you need a career or job where you have many team members as you grow stronger in group dynamics.

Best job and career choices according to your zodiac sign

Leos are good directors, presidents, artists, diplomats, politicians, entrepreneurs, film-makers, actors, or teachers.


No one is as dutiful, neat, and organized as the Virgo which is why they often find themselves in jobs and careers that require a good eye for details like finances, healthcare, and scientific research.

Virgos have the talent to transform chaos into order and to find logical solutions when all the others have lost the overview – which makes them born managers or leaders in start-ups.

You are intelligent, precise, and analytical thinking which makes you gravitate towards jobs that require carefully evaluating data and information.

Best job and career choices according to your zodiac sign

Virgos are good pharmacists, doctors, accountants, engineers, statisticians, psychologists, or researchers.


As a Libra, you are in need of balance, harmony, and equality. You have a strong sense for justice which is why you have a talent in mediating between others. Jobs that suit your nature are lawyer, judge, mediator, politician, etc.

Libras have irresistible charm and calmness that make them great team-players and help them to find friends easily.

Also, since Libras are ruled by Venus, they have a strong sense for beauty and aesthetics.

Best job and career choices according to your zodiac sign

Libras are good representatives, diplomats, lawyers, graphic designers, florists, interior designers, or mediators.


Scorpios have a talent for persuasion. They look into your eyes and can be charming and passively aggressive at the same time. Often, they find themselves in positions where they have to convince people about something or introduce new ideas and perspectives. Think about famous Scorpios like Hilary Clinton and Bill Gates.

Generally, the Scorpios analytical mind should be fed regularly with complex topics as they have a huge need to analyze and think. Especially the human mind and behavior are exceptionally interesting for Scorpios – which is why many Scorpios are psychologists and criminologists.

Also, Scorpios are extremely hard-working and almost obsessively dedicated. They don’t like being controlled which is why they prefer to work independently and alone.

Best job and career choices according to your zodiac sign

Scorpios are good criminologists, detectives, psychiatrists, psychologists, chemists, researchers, defense lawyers, or project managers.


Sagittarians are optimistic, organizational talents who can actually do almost anything. Communicative, keen to travel, and self-confident, they are not afraid of new things and dare to do almost anything.

They don’t get stressed by tight deadlines and are always on time. As a cosmopolitan idealist, the Sagittarius needs a lot of freedom, flexibility, excitement, and variety.

You need a job in which you can travel a lot and make decisions freely, represent something or philosophies. You need constant stimulation and you want to learn and grow as a person.

Best job and career choices according to your zodiac sign

Sagittarians are good educators, pilots, sports teachers, exporters, interpreters, theologians, PR managers, stuntment, or marketing managers.


The Capricorn has a real ambitious nature and seems to be married to his work. As a real workaholic, you always reach your goals before everyone else. You like being in jobs with a lot of power and responsibility.

Capricorns often find themselves in business jobs as they strive for status and financial success. All the earth signs have a huge need for stability and safety, which is why Capricorns prefer traditional jobs.

Your boss and colleagues describe you as patient, determined, and cool. You have the talent to stay calm even under pressure and stress, and this is something many people respect.

However, you are no team-player and you prefer working alone as you are not known for your humor or warmth – you just want to get your job done.

Best job and career choices according to your zodiac sign

Capricorns are good doctors, lawyers, watchmakers, architects, scientists, businessmen, or IT technicians.

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