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Zodiac Sign: 14 Facts About Scorpio You Probably Didn’t Know

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The Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign in the zodiac. It is a fixed water sign ruled by Pluto and Mars. There are many bad cliches about Scorpios and I, as a (double) Scorpio myself, have to admit some of them are true. Scorpios for sure aren’t the easiest personalities and yet, they actually have many positive characteristics that make them likable and adorable. This post reveals 14 secret facts about the Scorpio zodiac sign you probably didn’t know about.

Scorpio facts

14 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Scorpio

Fact #1: A Scorpio is extremely intuitive and has distinct psychic abilities.

Scorpios, like the other water signs Pisces and Cancer, are extremely intuitive and have a certain connection to spiritual topics like astrology, numerology, etc. These signs take their strength from the emotional and psychic realm.

Fact #2: A Scorpio is mysterious.

Scorpios aren’t the most talkative zodiac signs. In fact, I would consider myself, and many other Scorpios I know, on the more introverted side. Scorpios aren’t the type of person who call you immediately when something noteworthy happened. They will call after some hours or days passed.

Fact #3: A Scorpio values honesty (and intuitively feels when people lie).

Scorpios have a strong sense for honesty and they just feel when people lie. They are human lie detectors if you want so. Also, a Scorpio won’t pretend that he likes something when in fact, he hates it. When my friends ask me about something new they bought and I don’t really like it, I’ll say it in a nice way or won’t say anything at all.

Fact #4: The Scorpio is the most sexual of the zodiac signs.

Trust me when I say that Scorpios think about sex – a lot – all the time basically. However, it’s not solely about the pleasure. It’s also about the physical, psychic and emotional connection.

Fact #5: A Scorpio loves working.

In everything a Scorpio engages, he puts passion and deep devotion. This also counts for his work and career. Scorpios don’t mind putting their work over their free time because they exactly know what they want.

Fact #6: A Scorpio is as jealous as people say.

Scorpios have a strong need for control and a big ego. Moreover, they don’t trust easily and always anticipate the worst-case scenario since he has a self-destructive side. These 4 aspects in combination make Scorpios extremely jealous and possessive.

Fact #7: A Scorpio is a loyal partner.

Once a Scorpio trusts you he will do anything for you. With a Scorpio as a partner or best friend, you have a loyal and committed partner by your side.

Scorpio facts

Fact #8: A Scorpio remembers everything.

Scorpios remember everything and especially if it is something bad. If you hurt a Scorpio in any way, you can be sure that he will remember this even in 10 years. Also, they hold a grudge and have immense difficulties to forgive (also and especially because they don’t trust easily).

Fact #9: A Scorpio is interested in anything related to the human mind.

Scorpios are human lie detectors. They have a special connection to everything that is psychology related. This is why they are good criminologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists (Fun fact: I’m a master-psychology student and many people who study with me are Scorpios, too).

Fact #10: A Scorpio is independent.

Scorpios hate being dependent on others. They try to do anything they can do alone and they usually shy away from asking people for help.

Fact #11: A Scorpio knows his weaknesses very well (and yours too).

This one is one of the most uncommon Scorpio facts that many people don’t know about. A Scorpio has a self-destructive and self-punishing side. He knows exactly about his weaknesses and flaws, regardless of whether he admits them or not. The thing is – he knows your weak points, too. And he is brutally honest when communicating them – and this can be exhausting for more sensitive souls.

Fact #12: A Scorpio loves challenges.

Scorpios are true fighters and aren’t afraid of challenges since they are ruled by Mars – the fight planet. He actually needs challenges on a daily basis. This is why they sometimes start small fights and dynamic discussions – they have to stay in form.

Fact #13: A Scorpio is intelligent.

Scorpios have a smart mind and they use it all day long to process and analyze experiences and events. They aren’t interested in small talk and if you want to hear a Scorpio talk a lot then try to engage him in deep topics.

Fact #14: A Scorpio hates unfairness.

The Scorpio isn’t the most talkative of the zodiac signs but if a Scorpio sees something unfair he will be one of the first to talk up.

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