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The Best and Worst Traits According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Each zodiac sign has its unique and unmistakable traits that make it lovable and adorable. There is no best or worst zodiac sign since everyone has its good and bad traits. We need them all!

But with every positive trait comes a negative one, and there are also some things about each of the signs that … aren’t too favorable.

Knowing about the best and worst traits of each zodiac sign can really help you understand the behaviour of the people around you.

Discover what your and your loved ones best and worst zodiac traits are!

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Best traits: Their sense of optimism and their energy.

The Aries personality is extremely optimistic, energetic and independent, and nobody can take that away from them.

Worst traits: Their short temper and are their impatience.

Although Aries typically tries to avoid negativity: When something really upsets them, you should run.


Best traits: They are loyal like no one else.

A taurus man or woman is extremely loyal and stands by your side, no matter what happens. They don’t just decide one day “Oh, okay things are getting difficult, I should leave”. They will stay with you through every hard time.

Worst traits: They can be overly egocentric, possessive and materialistic.

Sometimes a taurus can be a too self centered. They tend to forget about your emotions. Often they are really fixated on materialistic things since they have a strong sense for safety. Also, in relationships they can be extremely possessive.


Best traits: Their energetic, humorous, versatile and enthusiastic nature. They also have excellent communication skills and they generally are intellectual.

A Gemini always needs action and company to talk to. Because of the excellent communication skills, a Gemini is a born song-writer, salesman or teacher.

Worst traits: They can have two faces and be too chatty.

Often, a Gemini can be too chatty. If you ask them one little thing, they will tell you about their whole life-story (and the life-stories of all the people they know). Additionally, they can be nice to you when you are around, but once you turn your back they might start to gossip.


Best traits: They are extremely motherly and caring. Also, they are faithful and spontaneous.

Cancer’s ability to take care of people is like no other, and when they take care of you, you will feel extremely protected. They often rely on their intuition when they take decisions.

Worst traits: They are overemotional, moody and clingy.

Since they are so motherly, they can often be too emotional and clingy. They also change their mood 10 times a day.


Best traits: Their friendly and charismatic nature. Also, their honesty and loyalty.

A Leo is really energetic, friendly and optimistic. They are amazing and loyal friends. Everybody needs a Leo.

Worst traits: Their impatience, egoism and arrogance.

A Leo might be a fantastic partner or friend, but they tend to want things immediately, they can be really egoistic (actually, they might be the biggest egoists of all zodiac signs), they are also possessive and tend to jealousy. Leos love to be in the spotlight, they want attention from anyone and they need to get seen. Often, Leos can be arrogant.


Best traits: They are watchful, intelligent, perfectionist, and analytic.

A Virgo always watches every detail. They love learning and they tend to be really intelligent. Also, no problem is too difficult: A Virgo will take the problem, properly analyze it and find a solution. Since they are so practical, they aren’t persons who live in their dream and fantasy worlds.

Worst traits: They are overcritical, conservative, and harsh.

Virgins are known to be critical of others, but often they are even more critical of themselves, and this can sometimes be their downfall. Plus, they don’t like modern ideas, and they tend to be really harsh. When they don’t like something, they will let you know in a direct way.


Best traits: They are charming, fair, romantic and diplomatic.

Libras are people who know how to make you feel comfortable. They can be really romantic in their relationship. Also, and this is maybe one of their best traits: They listen to every point of view and then judge.

Worst traits: They are superficial, unreliable, lazy and indecisive.

Perhaps Libras are so diplomatic because they hate to take decisions. Today they will say yes, tomorrow no, then in some days again yes. Libras are also a beautiful and asthetic sign. Often they forget tho, that there is inner beauty too.


Best traits: They are focused, they are brave, ambitious, passionate, intuitive and faithful.

When a Scorpio wants something, he will go and get it, it doesn’t matter how hard it can get. They are known to be able to read your mind (so never try to lie to a Scorpio). Also, Scorpios are really intense and brave. They don’t fear anything.

Worst traits: They are jealous, moody, secretive, resentful and manipulative.

Scorpios have huge problems to trust, which often makes them jealous and secretive. When you do something bad to a Scorpio, he will remember this even when 10 years have passed by. Also, Scorpios are good in manipulating people and they love dominance.


Best traits: They have big hearts. They are honest, independet and intellectual.

Sagittarius is a sign that is often really generous and big hearted. They just have a lot of love to give and get along with everyone. They tend to read a lot and have knowledge of many different things. Also, they aren’t clingy since they love independence.

Worst traits: They are careless, impatient, over confident, and inconsistent.

A Sagittarius can’t be consistent. They tend to fall of track after some time and then they just change their goal or decision. Often, when they want something, they want it immediately.


Best traits: They are wise, disciplined, patient and cautious.

The Capricorn is extremely wise and cautious. In combination with their great will to succeed, their discipline and patience, Capricorn born people can achieve many things in life.

Worst traits: They are stubborn, cold and pessimistic.

Capricorns can be really stubborn. Also, they often seem to be cold and pessimistic. They see everything from the negative side.


Best traits: They are independent, intelligent, creative, friendly and humanitarian.

An Aquarius loves to be financially and emotionally independent and with company. They have a really creative side and they want to make the world a better place.

Worst traits: They are detached, inconsistent, stubborn and unpredictable.

Aquarius can leave without no particular reason, especially since they are so detached and unpredictable. An Aquarius loves his freedom which makes him a difficult partner sometimes.


Best traits: They are kind, compassionate, imaginative, sensitive and selfless.

Pisces most probably are some of the nicest zodiac signs. They will help you whenever you need them. Also, they love to be different and they have a huge fantasy.

Worst traits: They can be too sensitive. Often, they are lazy and pessimistic.

Pisces cry a lot. They are too sensitive and they often are lazy and pessimistic, especially, when things don’t go as they want to.

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