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23 Remarkable Spiritual Scorpio Tattoo Ideas That You Will Love

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Spiritual Scorpio Tattoo Ideas that you will definitely love (and so will everyone else)

If your birthday is between October 24 and November 22, you were born under the astrological sign of Scorpio♏.

I myself am a double Scorpio and embody pretty much all typical Scorpio traits, good and …bad. I probably am more scorpio-ish than a Scorpio itself. Regardless, I absolutely love my zodiac sign and have learned to embrace even the bad traits (the good ones outweigh the bad ones anyways, hehe).

For you and for me, I have been looking for beautiful tattoo ideas that symbolize our spiritual connection to the eighth sign of the zodiac.

What are typical Scorpio Traits?

Positive Scorpio traits are…

  • analytical,
  • resilient,
  • dedicated, ambitious, determined, and strong-willed,
  • fearless,
  • secretive and mysterious,
  • intelligent,
  • instinctive,
  • powerful,
  • creative,
  • and reliable.

Rather negative Scorpio Traits…

  • jealous,
  • hot-tempered,
  • uncompromising,
  • power-hungry,
  • manipulative,
  • suspicious,
  • resentful,
  • and revengeful.

23 spiritual Scorpio tattoo Ideas

Please note: All credits go to their respective owners! I have included links to each pin, however, it was difficult to find the original creators.

Scorpio Glyph Symbol Tattoo

The astrological Scorpio glyph is this beautiful m-like-sign, which is a totally adorable idea for a small spiritual tattoo on fingers or behind the ear!

Scorpios Spirit Animal – The Snake

The spirit animal of the scorpion is the snake. Both the Snake and the Scorpio represent transformation, deep-rooted femininity, sexuality and passion. They are mysterious, intuitive, psychic and possess uncontrollable energies.

Like the Scorpion, the Snake represents the connection to the underworld, to death and rebirth, and thus to the infinite cycle of life.

Scorpio-Snake-people are very sensitive and extremely inquisitive beings who like to get to the bottom of the core and truth of things. They often also possess healing and spiritual powers, so they are able to help other people in difficult situations. Scorpios, just like Snakes, are often surrounded by a mysterious aura.

The snake is for me the best spiritual tattoo idea for a Scorpio, which is why I chose this one, even though at first I did not really want to eternalize a snake on my body. Now that I know the spiritual meaning of the snake, it is one of the most astonishing symbols for me.

In this blog post, I went into more detail about the profound significance of the snake.

Spiritual Scorpio Tattoo – Water Element

Scorpios’ element is water.

The element of water stands for deep emotionality, great empathy and sensitivity. As deep as water can be the soul – its ungraspable depths (and also those of the souls of others) are often interesting to water-born people.

They need their ‘me-time’ but also have a need for emotional connection with others.

They like to talk about human feelings and their experience with love and romance as well as sadness and compassion – the whole range of emotions and feelings.

The world of feelings, dreams and fantasies is very important in their lives.

The Scorpio water is persistent (fixed), which makes the water more viscous, the energy gathers and then forces to the extreme. This is why the Scorpio represents uncontrollably strong feelings.

Star constellation

A Scorpio star constellation could also be a delicate and feminine idea for a spiritual tattoo!

Scorpio Goddess


Beautiful goddess tattoos are next on my list.

Spiritual Scorpio Tattoo according to your ruling Planets pluto and mars

The ruling planets of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto.

Mars, the planet of passion, has a similar energy to Pluto, the planet of power and rebirth. These two energies create a symbiosis that gives Scorpios their passion and hunger for success.

Furthermore, Pluto is the planet of the subconscious and transformation. This is also reflected in Scorpio’s desire for inner exploration!

You could integrate the symbols of your ruling planets into your spiritual Scorpio tattoo!

a combination of the Scorpio and pluto glyphs, and the sign of the element water

Sun, rising, and moon sign

A combination of your three main star signs, your sun, rising, and moon sign, could also be an idea worth considering!

Tarot card

abstract fine-line tattoo

Scorpio Tattoo

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