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The Beautiful Spiritual Meaning Of A Snake Tattoo + 21 Mesmerizing Examples

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Contemplating whether a spiritual snake tattoo suits you? Then you are exactly at the right place. Today I will show you the powerful spiritual meaning of snakes and examples of 21 absolutely mesmerizing snake tattoos!

Sea monsters, human-eating beasts, and the snake in the Bible that seduces Eve: Snakes seem to have a bad reputation. In many cultures, however, snakes are considered sacred, revered as gods, psychics and healers.

The snake tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs at the moment, but not many people know that it also has a deep spiritual meaning.

spiritual snake tattoo

I was one of them. Although I found the snake design beautiful, I also wanted that my tattoo has a deeper spiritual meaning. At that time I did not know that the snake is one of the most profound symbols.

spiritual snake tattoo

The snake is a primeval symbol, in nearly all cultures it plays an important role in myths and customs.

The Spiritual Snake Tattoo

There are few symbols that are so ambiguous and multi-layered and have a range of multifaceted meanings.


On one hand, the snake symbolizes life, renewal, transformation, rejuvenation, resurrection, and on the other hand, death, poison, and destruction.

spiritual snake tattoo

The snake also symbolizes the creative power of our earth and is therefore a beautiful spiritual tattoo.

It was the companion of the Great Mother, mysterious like her, enigmatic, intuitive – an uncontrollable, inexhaustible life force.

It was the rejuvenator, the light, the warmth, and the fire; Sunbeams were assigned to the snake.

spiritual snake tattoo

But the snake is also connected with the underworld, has access to magic power and healing knowledge, is a symbol of power and wisdom, and embodies the female logos, the wise word.

The snake is a domestic guardian spirit and at the same time guardian of the threshold to another world – a mediator between this world and the beyond, between heaven and earth.

spiritual snake tattoo

As the personified power of fate, the snake is considered a symbol of the inner nature of humans and their consciences. The snake was considered immortal and yet was nevertheless connected with the world and familiar with the dead.

The souls of the deceased should return as snakes, but the snake also embodied the soul of the Healer Goddess.

spiritual snake tattoo

Spiritual Snake Tattoo – The Snake In Greek History

As you can see, there is hardly a symbol of such totality and duality, and there is hardly a symbol so widespread among so many cultures.

the snake as a symbol of sexuality and

On Crete, there was the Minoan snake cult. The snake as an attribute of the Great Goddess
signified sexuality, fertility, healing knowledge, birth and rebirth.

finger snake tattoo
red snake tattoo

The eternal recurrence made the snake the sacred, wise, and omniscient animal, closely related to the woman – the giver of life.

This can also be seen in the snake and cycle goddesses Athena and Medusa, who were closely associated with the symbolism of the moon. And the moon always follows a periodic cycle.

spiritual snake tattoo

The snake is therefore a beautiful archetypal symbol of the eternally renewing power of female blood.

 snake tattoo
spiritual snake tattoo

the snake – psychic and divine

However, snakes were also said to have psychic abilities and to be divine. According to legend, a snake alerted Asclepius, the Greek god of healing, about the effectiveness of various medicinal plants. Some even believe that he himself was an earth god in the form of a snake.

The snake is still today a sign of medical professions and pharmacies and even the logo of the World Health Organization (WHO).

medusa tattoo
Medusa Tattoo

the spiritual cosmic snake tattoo

A special form of the snake is the one that closes the circle, the cosmic snake, which is cyclic and therefore infinite.

In Greece, it is called the “Ouroboros”, the snake of eternity, of the cosmic cycles of energies, of the cosmic forces, of the ages, and of the oceans.


Spiritual Snake Tattoo Stencils

spiritual snake tattoo
spiritual snake tattoo
spiritual snake tattoo
spiritual snake tattoo
spiritual snake tattoo

Would you get a spiritual snake tattoo? Do you identify with the snake?

Keep in mind: All credits go to their respective owners! If you own a picture shown here, feel free to contact me. On Pinterest, it is often hard to find the original pin-owner!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to tell me about spiritual tattoo meanings you would love to know!

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