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Egyptian Energy Healing For Beginners – What You Need To Know

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An Introduction To Seichim, Sekhem, And Shef – The Egyptian Reiki

The spiritual art of Egyptian energy healing has traveled around the world, inspiring those who seek holistic methods of treatment for physical and spiritual ailments. From curing physical afflictions to cleansing and clearing blocks within the spirit, energy healing has a variety of uses.

Life can take its toll, there are moments of great highs and spectacular lows. When we experience so much turbulence we can find that our energy levels are out of whack and out of balance. Egyptian energy healing allows us to restore our vitality levels and function at a better and more optimal rate.

Derived from Egypt, a system akin to Reiki called Seichin was discovered, and through the combination of Reiki and other energy healing methods, it has expanded to include many alternate forms. This powerful healing technique transcends beyond the use of Reiki, reaching higher levels of spiritual and physical development. Seichim leads to greater awakening and understanding of the self.

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What Is Seichim?

During a pilgrimage to the Great Pyramid of Giza, a man by the name of Patrick Zeigler came across a powerful force of energy. Through the understanding and connection to this source the Egyptian energy healing system, Seichim was found. It was named as such due to its associations with Egypt. The name Seichim comes from the word Sekhem which translates to ‘Power of Powers’.

Through Seichim many different variations have come to be, including Sekham – a form of Egyptian energy healing that has grown in popularity. Through research, it has been found that ancient civilizations, such as the Mayans, practiced Seichim. The Atlantean era was a prevalent time for such use.

Using Seichim requires drawing energy from the universal energy source, much the same as Reiki. It is the living energy and the force of all that exists. It can be used for helping us to work on our personal development as well as the energy healing that it is mainly used for. 

There are several variations of Egyptian energy healing that I will explain in this post, some notable versions are:

  • Isis Seichim
  • Archangel Seichim 
  • Sekhem Heka

7 Facets Of Seichim

Also known as renegade Reiki this system attunes us to the symbols and meditations that are needed for our spiritual growth and development. By passing through these stages correctly we can draw power and energy from the limitless source from the Universe. 

1. Power Level

This is the first introductory level to Seichim. During this phase, we are connected and attuned to two symbols which teach us to scan the body and understand what healing we need and how we are affected by the varying energy levels. 

2. Body And Emotions

Here Seichim energy is integrated within and all dimensions of this power are explored. Two more symbols are used along with suggested meditations and activities that work in connection with them. 

3. Inanimate Objects

At this stage, we are taught a symbol that can bring life to the material objects around us. From our food to the various items that bring us joy, we can use this power so that we can benefit more from them. Healing and blessings happen as a result.

4. Angel Wings

The next step involves opening blockages and sealing in energy. This is where we realize our potential and grow to connect with the universe and all its glory. We are then taught how to remove blockages to improve the flow of energy around the body.

5. Balance, Wholeness, And Emotional Integration 

This facet of Seichim unifies all aspects of ourselves and creates harmony with us and nature. It brings together the masculine and feminine and light and dark. It can be used for healing and is generally tapped into for the purpose of creating a sense of oneness.

6. Aligning The Higher And Lower Selves

By combining these elements we can feel the divine energy from above flow through us. This powerful energy can cleanse our souls and bring great changes into our lives. It will help us to find the answers that we need to better ourselves and our experiences in this world and the next. 

7. The Master Level

At this final stage, we become infinity, vision, and insight. As such we reach a level of enlightenment that helps us to transcend to one of the highest levels of enlightenment. The gateway between the spiritual and the physical is strengthened and we can see through the veil of illusions that trick us into believing that our material reality is all that is and will ever be, as perpetuated in society. 

Egyptian Energy Healing – The Secrets of Seichim

Why Is It Different From Reiki?

Aside from the practical elements and evidential similarities between Reiki and Seichim, the latter takes energy healing to the next level. It works with an ancient source of high vibrational energy and works on a much deeper level by utilizing the etheric connections that permeate throughout the universe. 

While Reiki practitioners are attuned to the earth element, those that work with Seichim use the four elements; earth (Reiki), water (Sophi-El), spirit (Angelic light), and fire (Sakara). It also works with the aura that surrounds the body rather than just the energy within. 

Important Seichim Symbols

There are several symbols that are used throughout Seichim to enhance and direct the universal life force energy. Seichim uses more symbols than standard Reiki which have an array of different meanings. Here are the main marking and hieroglyphics that are used throughout Seichim: 

Cho Ku Rei: Power 

Sei He Ki: Harmony 

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen: Distance 

Dai Ko Myo: Master 

Raku: Completion

Seichim: Living light energy

Angel Wings: Realisation of potential

Zara, Cho Ku Ret: Inanimate object power

Eeef Tchay: Endless inner sight

Everlasting Flower: Male and female balance

Isis Seichim

This powerful adaptation of Seichim uses 15 symbols for transformation and to encourage the flow of healing energy. It is referred to as the living light energy and can clear blockages that lie within. Old and stagnant energy that remains from our past lives can also be cleansed by using Isis Seichim as well as aligning the energy meridians within. 

It is intertwined with the Goddess Isis who presides over the moon and is the embodiments of magic and life. Isis was known for protecting the sick and needy as well as women and children. Her divine feminine energy is the driving force for this method of healing. Cord-cutting and opening the heart center is also an important part of isis Seichim.  

Archangel Seichim

This combination of Seichim, Reiki, and the archangels unleashes the magic of God and the heavenly beings that watch over and heal us. There are seven archangels that they work with:

Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Jophiel, Ariel, and Chamuel.

The life force energy that the archangels provide makes them the ideal partner for energy healing. 

Each archangel corresponds to certain areas of our lives and body, they offer specific levels of guidance and assistance that can improve our existence and physical being.

These Are The Specific Aspects Of The Archangels:

archangel seichim

Michael – The angel of protection and righteousness

Raphael – The healer of physical and emotional pain

Gabriel – The messenger and angel of communication

Uriel – The angel of truth and wisdom

Jophiel – The angel of beauty

Ariel – The patron of the animals

Chamuel – The peacemaker and positive angel

What Is Sekhem Heka?

The great empire of ancient Egypt was a source of wisdom, divination, and sorcery. The Egyptians of the time held the answer to life and the source of power unlocked the mysteries of the world. Through their many practices and rituals one of the greatest discoveries in the behavior of energy and its impact on life as we know it was made.

Sekhem is the energy healing system that hails from Egypt. It is a derivative of Seichim and is a natural way of restoring vitality to the body, mind, and soul. The word Heka means ‘magic’ or the powers from which they come from. The system includes the use of exercises, visualizations, and tapping into the energy and power of the Egyptian Gods, specifically the Goddess Sekhmet. 

The Goddess Sekhmet 

In ancient mythology, Sekhmet is the Goddess of war, destruction, and healing. She protected the pharaohs, particularly during battles. Physically she is depicted as a lioness and on occasion, she has a disc of the sun on her head. In artwork, she is shown holding the ankh of life and a scepter formed from papyrus. 

The translation of her name is ‘powerful one’ or ‘she who is powerful’. Brilliant and terrifying she could avert plagues and cure diseases. She is one of the most important deities of the time and was considered to be a divine manifestation of Ra’s power who ruled the sky, earth, and the underworld. 

The Shef – The Egyptian Chakras

Another aspect of Egyptian energy healing is the Shef.

Much like the concept of the chakras the Egyptian variation is referred to as Shef, this is the entire system that houses all of the energy centers within the body. Individually, these degrees are known as Shefats. Translated, this means ‘energy or power’.

There are seven Shefats that make up Shef. Each one has its own meaning and when aligned they can create certain responses with the body.

shef egyptian chakras energy healing


Colour: Red

Location: base of the spine

This earthy and grounded Shefat is related to our survival instincts and the inner animal that drives us. It is also associated with our sense of smell. A balanced and active Sen-t is centered and feels safe. However, when we are not in harmony with this energy center we can feel aggressive, restless, and out of touch with reality.  


Colour: Orange

Location: Genitals

Everything related to sexuality, desire, creativity, and pleasure is ruled by Khepti-ti. If we have problems with infertility this is the energy center that we need to work on. Paying homage to our Khept-ti and releasing any limiting beliefs or negative feelings that affect it can increase our sexual sensitivity and restore feelings of self-worth. 


Colour: Yellow 

Location: Below Rib Cage

This is the equivalent of the Solar Plexus, therefore it is the Shefat for our personal power. When we work with it we can feel more confident, determined, and in touch with the energy that pushes us to strive for more. When our Hati is at its best our self-esteem is at its highest level and we feel vitality and zest for life that feels otherworldly. When this Shefat is blocked it can create physical symptoms such as indigestion and stomach ulcers.


Colour: Green

Location: Chest

This is where healing takes place and unconditional love and affection are born. It is the embodiment of love and devotion. By clearing negative energy from this space we can garner more compassion and understanding for others. It also acts as a bridge between the upper and lower Shefats. When it is out of alignment it can create feelings of loneliness and insecurity. 


Colour: Blue

Location: Throat

All elements of communication, ideas, and thoughts take place in Ashash-t. It governs our expression and the way that we share our feelings with others. When stimulated it can create physical reactions within the thyroid gland and spark changes within our metabolism. Working with this Shefat means that we improve our ability to speak our truth. When this energy center is blocked we indulge in gossip and have trouble expressing ourselves. 


Colour: Indigo

Location: Between the eyes

All extrasensory experiences and psychic visions happen within the Aar-t. It has one of the highest vibrations in the Shef. Self-knowledge and the connection that we have with our higher self can be found and achieved by tapping into the energy that it possesses. According to the chakras, this is the Third Eye and it can help us to connect with the messages the Source energy has for us. 


Colour: Violet

Location: Crown of the head

Awareness of consciousness and the understanding of the Universe occurs when Qemhu is awakened. Here, all aspects of the Shefat are united to create the Shef. It is the source of everything related to the higher powers and can help us to come to terms with who we are. When we learn more about Qemhu and keep it in alignment we can discover our place in the spirit world and find peace with both realms that exist within life and death.

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