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How To: Identifying & Contacting Your Spirit Guides

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A Guide to Your Spirit Guides

Identifying, Contacting, and Understand the Signs From Your Spirit Guides.

You are never alone, this is a fact of life. Even if you are disconnected from friends or estranged from your family you are surrounded by guides that are working in your favor. These beings are divine and they are working in your life in many different ways.

If you’re curious about spirit guides then I have all the information you need. From finding out who your spirit guide is to the signs that they send you – I will help you to uncover and learn from your guides. 

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What Is a Spirit Guide?

Spirit guides have been mentioned throughout time, from ancient civilizations to the modern-day world. They have been covered in different forms of literature and religious scriptures.

They are described as protectors or guides, usually, your spirit guide will be the spirit of a deceased person or an angel. They could be a people that you knew before they passed away or they could be one of your ancestors.

In some cases, a spirit guide could even be a beloved pet. There are many different types of guides including the ascended masters.

These are advanced souls who came to earth with the intention of learning karmic lessons. They achieved the status of an ascended master as they successfully fulfilled their Dharma, otherwise known as their divine plan. 

Angels that are acting as spirit guides can range from archangels to guardian angels.

The archangels are high-ranking ethereal beings that are mentioned throughout religious folklore. They help God to watch over areas of life such as nature, peace, and death.

A guardian angel, on the other hand, is brought into your life to help you navigate through life. They offer divine wisdom and dedicate themselves to helping you fulfill your purpose. They are your protectors, with gratitude and joy they carry out the often thankless job of looking over you.

Identifying Your Spirit Guides:
When You Know, You Know

How can you identify your spirit guide? Is there a way that you can know who, or what is around you?

These questions are commonplace as people venture on their spiritual journey. Many want to know more about these fascinating beings and are willing to take the necessary steps to develop a closer bond with them.

For you to distinguish who your spirit guide is you need to consider several points:

  • If there was a specific point in your life where you felt like someone was around you.
  • Whether someone passed on to the other side around the time when you felt like a presence was sticking close by.
  • What you are feeling and your heart’s connection to people, places, and things.

For instance, if a certain time you began to sense a spirit around you and it was during a time when someone you were close to passed away it could explain that your beloved is acting as your spirit guide in the other realm.

It is commonplace to feel as though you are drawn to certain people or places, even if you haven’t been there before or met them. This could be related to your past life and the spirit that is connected to said person or place is the spiritual being that loves and guides you.

The most important tool that you can use to understand who your spirit guide is your intuition. Your 6th sense and inner knowing will tell you who they are if you quieten your mind.

You have the answers that you seek and your spirit guide will work with you to show themselves to you. 

Finally, a simple and effective way to find out who your spirit guide is to ask! They are always around and they can hear you when you call out to them, whether you do it in your mind or out loud.

Once you open up the floor and actively communicate with your spirit guide you can build a relationship with them and strengthen the bond.  

In order for your spirit guides to truly help and guide you in life, you must give them explicit permission to do so. This is why contacting your spirit guides and learning to communicate is so important.

How to: Contacting Your Spirit Guides 

If you want to get in touch with your spirit guides there are several options that you can use to reach out to them. Contacting your spirit guides is not a complicated process, they are friendly and they want to connect with you. 

Imagine their joy if you opened your heart and mind to try and develop a closer relationship with them! Here are several ways that can help you contacting and connecting to your spirit guides.

1) The Dream State

Your 6-8 hours of sleep are a welcome respite from the world. You take yourself off to bed and relax under the covers, ready to sink into a deep and peaceful sleep.

However, have you ever considered the power of your dream state?

The subconscious mind takes over when you sleep and it acts as a portal into the spiritual world. When you dream you are experiencing projections from your mind, this is the same as what you experience when you are awake. Life is nothing more than a movie and you are the star!

The high state of consciousness that you experience in sleep is the perfect setting to attempt contacting your spirit guides.

Before you go to sleep, lie back and relax. Clear your mind and send a message out into the universe asking your spirit guide to meet you in your dream.

Many people report having vivid, almost lucid dreams after using this method.

You may see your spirit guide or you will be given a sign in your dream such as a certain scent or color that will help you piece the puzzle together.

2) Meditation

The practice of mindfulness has many benefits, it can improve your mental health, ease physical symptoms within the body, and also contributes to your overall wellbeing.

Not only that but meditation can transport you right into the spiritual realm where you can meet your spirit guides.

Meditation helps you to relax the mind and draw inward. As you do so you momentarily disconnect from your awareness of your body and move through the universe.

This is a time where you can strengthen your connection to Source and contact your spirit guide.  

Ask questions and you will receive the answers you seek. Your guide will work with you to help you through whatever is troubling you.

Even if you’re just curious about your spirit guide, they are around to be there for you.

3) The Power of Prayer

When many of us hear the word prayer you might think that it is just intended for religious purposes. However, it is a request for help or an expression of thanks to God or a deity.

This includes your spirit guides, you can use prayer for contacting and connecting with them.

There is no right or wrong way of praying. Each spiritual or religious practice has its own custom and that is ok.

It is about what works for you and what will help you to feel as though your spirit guide can hear you.

If you want to pray out loud one minute and in your head the next, do what your heart is telling you to do.

It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting down, standing up, in the dark, or in the middle of a street in broad daylight.

Your spirit guide will answer you if that is your intention.

When you pray, open yourself up to the energy of your guide. Allow them to speak to you and feel their presence. You can use this opportunity to speak to them and tell them all of your hopes, dreams, and fears.

They will appreciate the effort that you put in and will always love you. 

4) Candle Magic

Candles aren’t just decorative, they can be used to send messages to the spirits. The flame of a candle is magical and is a sign of spiritual radiance and divinity.

Using candles to connect with a spirit guide is a method that works time and time again.

Find a white candle and go into a dark room. The white of the candle represents purity while working with your candle under the cover of darkness will emphasize its brilliance.

Light it and sit in contemplation for a while.

Let the flicker of the flames soothe your woes and raise your vibration. Feel the heat and its energy as you then begin to focus on your intention.

Make it clear in your mind that you are trying to connect with your spirit guide. 

Send your message off into the flames of the candle with your mind and blow it out. As the smoke rises up into the air it will send your intention out into the universe.

Your spirit guide will receive it and they will reply in due course.

5) Ask For A Sign

Our spirit guides are very creative. They look for many different kinds of beautiful ways to bring you loving little gifts. Therefore, consciously ask your spirit guides for a sign.

And then go through your day mindfully and consciously. Maybe the sign will come immediately, maybe you will have to be patient for a few days.

But it will come for sure. It is only important that your heart is open for it, otherwise, it can slip away from you.

6) Cards

There are beautiful angel and spirit guide cards you can use for contacting them. With the oracle cards, you can draw daily or even weekly messages and of course, ask specific questions.

Through the cards, your spirit guides will give you answers to help you with whatever is concerning you.

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6 Signs That Your Spirit Guide Is Near

1) Angel Numbers

One of the most common signs that your spirit guide is near is angel numbers. If you see sequences such as 1111, 911, or 222 this is a sign from above that the angels are watching over you. This is your spirit guides way of contacting and connecting with you.

Angel numbers are ways that these ethereal beings are able to send you messages. Each angel number has a hidden meaning that can help you to deal with certain circumstances.

It can also bring you good news or warnings.

2) Feathers

Seeing random feathers everywhere means that angels were nearby. These feathers may have fallen off of their wings and were left behind so that you know that they are around.

It is a beautiful reminder that you are never alone and there are divine beings around you.

If you find a feather pick it up and make a wish. Then when you are done, blow it away. The angels will then receive your desire and they will work to bring it into your reality.

3) Voices

No, you’re not going crazy, you are simply tuned in to your guides. If you hear gentle whispers as if someone is around you or standing right beside you then it could be your spirit guides.

Their soothing voice is sending you loving messages.

They want you to know that they are there and so they send you a gentle sign. Do not be afraid if this happens to you.

Take a deep breath and try to feel their presence. This is an incredible moment that should be cherished.

4) A Breeze 

Another phenomenon that is associated with spirit guide signs is a gentle breeze. If you are inside and the windows and doors are closed feeling the wind against your skin can only be the work of the divine. 

There is something magical about this that can leave you feeling like you’re been touched by an angel or a loved one. The spirits come up with creative ways to connect with you so that you won’t doubt whether it is a coincidence or not.

5) Pennies

A coin in your plant pot or in your pantry is too random to be a coincidence. This is a sign that your spirit guide is near.

When they give you coins it is also a sign that they are working on blessing you with abundance.

These pennies are like offerings of love to you. When your spirit guidees place them in obscure places you will have no doubt in your heart that they are meant for you.

Keep the pennies you find and feel grateful for the added wealth to your life.

6) Beautiful Smells

Have you ever been minding your business and suddenly a waft of a tantalizing perfume seems to grab your attention. If there is no source for the smell it could be your guardian angel or spirit guide.

If they are a loved one you could recognize the smell.

You could also be sent a smell that conjures up past memories. There is so much love that your spirit guides have for you.

They want you to feel connected to them, when they know that you are aware of what they have been doing for you they feel happiness and joy. 

I hope you liked this post about identifying and contacting your spirit guides!

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