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How To: Identifying & Contacting Your Spirit Guides

A Guide to Your Spirit Guides Identifying, Contacting, and Understand the Signs From Your Spirit Guides. You are never alone, this is a fact of life. Even if you are disconnected from friends or estranged from your family you are surrounded by guides that are working in your favor. These beings are divine and they…
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angel number 1010

The Secret Reasons You Keep Seeing Angel Number 1010

If you keep seeing the angel number 1010 over and over again, pay more attention to it because it has a deep meaning for your life. Your angels want you to understand the message they have for you. The number 1 has a strong and powerful vibration, which becomes even greater in combination with the…
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15 Questions You Should Ask Your Spirit Guides & How To Connect With Them

We all have spirit guides, but most of us have never tried to talk to them or ask them questions for spiritual guidance. Spirit guides are beings of the highest truth and they help us throughout our lifetime and beyond to align us with the universe and evolve our soul. In this blog post, I…
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