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crystals for depression

The 11 Best Crystals & Gemstones For Depression

Depression is a serious mood disorder. Typical symptoms are a depressed mood, low energy levels, general joylessness, hopelessness, inner restlessness, and self-doubt. Affected people tend to worry and think incessantly without reaching their actual goals. They are restless, nervous, and unsettled. In this blog post, I’ll present to you the 11 best healing crystals and…
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6 Powerful Ways To Heal & Balance Your Root Chakra

The root chakra is the first chakra and is based on the element earth. Even though more attention is often paid to the higher chakras, the opening, healing, and balancing of the root chakra is one of the most important steps in your spiritual development. The root chakra gives us the stability, support, and basis…
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The 32 Most Powerful Chakra Healing Crystals And Stones

Each chakra resonates with specific healing crystals and stones. We have 7 chakras that are connected through many energy channels that are aligned along the spine. The chakras are our energy centers which help us absorb the cosmic life energy of the universe. We can also lose energy through our chakras. One chakra shares and…
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