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The 11 Best Crystals & Gemstones For Depression

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Depression is a serious mood disorder. Typical symptoms are a depressed mood, low energy levels, general joylessness, hopelessness, inner restlessness, and self-doubt. Affected people tend to worry and think incessantly without reaching their actual goals. They are restless, nervous, and unsettled. In this blog post, I’ll present to you the 11 best healing crystals and gemstones for depression that I’ve tested, and that worked for me!

However, this is in no means medical advice. Please do not hesitate to consult a doctor, even if it seems unpleasant or you are unsure. Crystals and gemstones can serve as an effective additional treatment or help for depression but never replace the main treatment!

Occurrence and Duration of Depression

In most cases, depression disappears by itself. However, the phases of the illness are very long, lasting several months, and therefore extremely tormenting, especially as they set those affected back in their lives.

With treatment, patients can hope for a quicker improvement. Due to the vulnerability of those affected, the depression usually returns at another point.

It then tends to occur at even shorter intervals.

Depression in chronic form is also possible, in which patients are considered to be “out of therapy” because they have undergone the usual methods of conventional treatments without success.

The 11 Best Crystals & Gemstones For Depression

These crystals and gemstones for depression prevent mood swings, help to gain more confidence and positive attitude towards life, give vitality and joy.

I use the healing properties of crystals and gemstones in my everyday life since they are not only calming and grounding, they also help to support the soul insofar as they bring the mind back into a constructive way of working.

If you believe in the healing properties of crystals and gemstones, then you will also feel the results.

(This spiritual view is also supported by many scientific studies that show that the placebo effect often achieves equal therapeutic benefits as conventional treatments.)

By developing my spirituality, I have also improved my mental health in many different ways.

So here are the 11 best crystals and gemstones for depression:

Amazonite: This stone opens up the world for you and helps if you are suffering from agonizing loneliness. Thanks to this healing gemstone you learn again to get in touch with the flow of the world and to let yourself be touched by its magic. The stone has a light green to light turquoise color and therefore a calming effect.

Amethyst: The crystal of purity awakens mysticism and spirituality with its beautiful purple hue. The Amethyst has particularly purifying properties on the mind. All unnecessary thoughts and sensations get clarified by the Amethyst. The concentration is strengthened and the rationality of the thinking is promoted, so that decisions can be made faster.

Aventurine: The gemstone of calmness and patience is light to medium green and can be transparent and glittering. It is the choice for those who are affected by anxiety. The gemstone dissolves inner restlessness. Aventurine also relaxes, recovers, and helps to see the positive side of everything. It supports autonomy, independence, internal harmony, and relieves from stress, anxiety, or psychosomatic dysfunctions.

Rock Crystal: The rock crystal helps us find and see our true, higher self. It, therefore, promotes the soothing of the emotional wellbeing. Rock crystal also gives strength against mental suffering caused by inner compulsions.

Amber: The gemstone of success is ideal for those who have been consumed by feelings of guilt and self-doubt. Thanks to the stone, the affected person gains new courage to face life and regains the strength and eagerness for success and performance.

Citrine: The crystal Citrine can help very well with anxiety, distress, and depressive symptopms. Citrine is extremely effective in raising the spirits and boosting self-esteem and autonomy. It provides a clearer view of life, encourages interest in new things and can improve the ability to deal with mistakes and failures. Citrine also improves decisiveness and improves expressational skills.

Iolite: The healing crystal works against fears, insecurity, and depression. It promotes self-confidence on the physical as well as the mental level and builds up a good intuition. Through this effect, the mineral can increase the individual performance as well as release inner blockades.

Labradorite: The Labradorite strengthens intuition and promotes a rational sense of reality. Furthermore, Labradorite helps to intensify one’s feelings and thereby clarifies one’s goals and intentions.

Lapis lazuli: Through increased optimism, it helps with depression, fears, blockages, dropping bad habits and it improves the ability to accept criticism. In addition, it creates new self-confidence and makes it easier to free oneself from distressing burdens. Lapis lazuli can also promote a clear mind, concentration, and intuition.

Rhodonite: The stone can ensure that you maintain mental control after strokes of fate, as with grief and breakups. It also ensures understanding during conflict situations. Rhodonite also relieves exam anxiety and other fears.

Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s eye protects through more balance against influences such as stress, pressure, doubts, or mood swings. The crystal also increases concentration and helps with anxiety or depression.

How to use Crystals for Depression

Crystals can be used for healing in so many different ways. You have to try out what works best for you and what makes you feel the energy the most!

Keep in mind that you should always use your crystals with an clear intention to make them work.

1. Meditate: Hold them during your meditation practice in your hands or lay down and put them on your body. You can also place them above your chakras!

2. Take them with you: Carry them around with you in your pocket or bag. You can also wear them as a bracelet or necklace so they can ground and energize you all day long!

3. At your home: Place crystals in your home where you need them the most. For example, next to your bed for better sleep or on your desk for more concentrated work!

I hope you liked this blog post! Comment down below which crystals for depression you use and suggest!

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