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13 Hippie and Boho Tattoo Ideas (+ 27 Mesmerizing Examples) You’ll LOVE

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You asked me if I could put together some hippie and boho tattoo ideas and I did! I came across great tattoo ideas that will make any hippie and boho babe’s heart beat faster.

Enriched with many Pinterest examples, here you can get inspired to design your very own personal tattoo. For each tattoo, I have outlined the (spiritual) meaning, even if these can go much deeper than here described!

Please keep in mind that the credits belong to their respective creators! These are obviously not all my own tattoos (lol). I have added a link to each pin.

Leave me a comment at the end, about which tattoo inspirations you wish to read in the next blog post!

13 Hippie and boho Tattoo Ideas + 27 mesmerizing examples

#1 Sun and Moon tattoo

The first of the hippie tattoo ideas features our main planets – Sun and Moon.

The Sun symbolically represents activity, willpower, alertness and clear thinking. It provides warmth and is the source of life. Accordingly, it symbolizes joie de vivre and happiness or a new beginning.

The moon is a light giver in the dark. Nevertheless, it stands rather for the mystic of the night.

It also embodies the forces of the night, regeneration, rest, dreaming and access to the subconscious, as well as feelings, psychic forces, romance and fantasy.

In combination with the sun, it can stand as a tattoo for contrast, but also for change and rather the cycle of life, than life itself. This includes cycles such as life and rebirth, the divine period and the eternal renewal of women’s blood, and others.

The Sun represents masculine energy and the Moon represents feminine energy.

These two stars govern our planet in their own way, as well as the life on it.

It is our task to find the harmonious balance between the sun and the moon, two of the most opposing forces.

#2 Peace

Of course, the peace sign and the matching lettering can not be missing from the list of hippie tattoo ideas.

Peace refers to harmonious coexistence between humans, animals, and nature. Peace can also refer to your inner peace, depending on how you interpret it and what this profound word means to you.

I think this word is beautiful and it can take on an incredible number of meanings.

#3 Hippie Flower

The ideals and conventions of the hippie subculture are represented by a flower, which is seen as a sign of peace and free love.

Just Flower power.

Top 10 flowers for hippie tattoo ideas and what they mean

  • Rose: Red roses stand for passion & love, pink roses for youth and beauty and white for innocence and faithfulness
  • Lily: Purity, innocence and light
  • Cherry blossom: Love, friendship, hope and transience
  • Lotus flower: Beauty, spirituality (in Hinduism), harmony and success
  • Gerbera: Joy and friendship
  • Orchid: Cleverness, uniqueness and youth
  • Forget-me-not: Loyalty, companionship, love
  • Dandelion: Freedom, transience and lightness
  • Sunflower: Joy, positive attitude to life
  • Chrysanthemum: Constancy and cheerfulness

#4 Hippie Girl tattoo ideas

A beautiful hippie girl tattoo is also among the best ideas. Classic elements are animals, flowers, and of course, mother earth.

#5 Wanderlust

Wanderlust describes the desire to hike, the constant inner drive to explore nature and the world on your own feet. The whole world becomes your home.

#6 The Hand of fatima

Fatima’s hand, often depicted as a symbol of a hand with an eye, is considered a powerful symbol of protection against ghosts and the evil eye – which is perceived as a threat. When people envy you because of your relationship, wealth, health, or whatever else, they get the evil eye.

People even say that the hand of Fatima develops its most powerful effect when it is worn as close to the body as possible – for as long as possible. That is why this motif is also very popular as a tattoo.

#7 Mandala Tattoo

Mandalas are highly energetic symbols in Hinduism and Buddhism. They are beautiful masterpieces that are supposed to represent a whole universe with their geometry.

Their recurring arrangement of many shapes and patterns and their diversity is why they have generated great fascination among people for centuries.

In today’s physical world, a mandala tattoo serves many as a meditation aid or pictorial representation of self-discovery.

#8 Feather Tattoo

Symbolically, a feather is very powerful and can symbolize many different things. In the first place, it symbolizes freedom and wisdom, but also a connection to heaven, a connection between human beings and divine energy.

The connection to wisdom is based on the fact that already a long time ago feathers were used as writing utensils. The feather is still a sign of writers and authors today.

Meaning of the feather in other cultures

Historically, a feather is also an important symbol for Native Americans. In their culture, feathers are significant symbols in sacred rituals, but they also have an important meaning in daily life as part of their clothing and various feather decorations.

Generally, in their tradition, feathers are a blessing from God given to them from heaven and represent the spiritual energies of the air and sky. In addition, a feather symbolizes great honor, healing and a positive future.

Feathers are also significant in Norse mythology. The goddess Freya had a coat of feathers that could be used to travel anywhere. Moreover, the raven and especially the appearance of this bird, represents an omen of divination for the future, and it is a symbolic guardian.

#9 Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly is one of the best hippie tattoo ideas for me because this one has various beautiful meanings.

Beautiful Meanings for hippie butterfly tattoo ideas

Freedom: The butterfly represents boundless freedom and lightheartedness.

Change: The butterfly is known for its transformation from an inconspicuous caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. The motif can represent your own transformation story, or symbolize a general upheaval in your life.

Love: Butterflies also represent being in love and the positive, carefree part of love.

Soul and Immortality: In many cultures, such as in ancient Greece, the butterfly stands as a representative for the soul and its immortality.

Life and Death: Especially a two-colored (dark-light) butterfly symbolizes the balance of life and death. If you have lost a loved one, the tattoo reminds you of the loving grief and appreciation of life.

#10 Arrow Tattoo

In ancient times arrows were among the most widely used weapons. Therefore, their first meaning has to do with protection. It is a symbol that represents protection from everything that can hurt or harm us.

Different meanings of the arrow symbols

  • Simple arrow: Protection, defense, but also: a goal in life, keep moving forward
  • Broken arrow: Peace, no violence
  • Arrowhead: Vigilance
  • Crossed arrows or two arrows: Friendship
  • Arrow bundle, three or five arrows: strength and cooperation (‘One arrow can break easily, together we are strong’)

#11 Yin and Yan Tattoo

Heaven and earth, day and night, ebb and flow – have you ever noticed that there are actually quite a few things that cannot exist without each other?

Chinese philosophy states exactly this: There are always two opposing forces that balance each other out.

Everything in the world has a necessary opposite pole.

The black area (Yin) stands for darkness, calmness, passive reception, the feminine and gentle. White (Yang), on the other hand, means sun or brightness and warmth, active giving and masculinity.

#12 Dreamcatcher Tattoo

All parts of the Dreamcatcher have a meaning tied to the natural world. The shape of the dreamcatcher is a circle because it represents the circle of life and forces like the sun and moon that travel across our sky every day and night.

The dreamcatcher net captures the bad dreams during the night and disposes of them when the day arises. They keep away negative and evil energies and help you attract positive energies into your life.

#13 Tree of Life

The tree of life symbolizes growth and development, fertility, immortality and healing.

Just like the tree, you have to deal with the different proverbial seasons of life.

There are wintry moments of life when we freeze and struggle through the barren winter, but every winter is also followed by a beautiful summer of vitality and positive energies.

At the end of life, we have grown through all the ups and down and are a beautiful wise tree that will continue to endure.

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