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Zodiac Signs: 11 Facts You Need To Know About Pisces

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Just like water runs unpredictably, so do people with the zodiac sign Pisces. Most of the time you can’t grasp them, because they tend to get lost in their dream worlds and fantasies.

Sensitivity in the highest degree is the characteristic of Pisces. Psychic abilities, willingness to self-sacrifice, extensive love, and deep cravings – to name just a few characteristics of the fish.

If you have a birthday between February 20 and March 20, you were born under the zodiac sign of Pisces. What does this mean and what does the zodiac sign Pisces say about the personality? Which characteristics are typical for Pisces-born people?

As a double Scorpio and water element member, I love the zodiac sign Pisces. I just “click” instantly with Pisces-people. That’s why I’m especially excited about this blog post and I hope you enjoy it!

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11 Facts You Need To Know About Pisces

Zodiac Sign Fact #1: Pisces Are Sensitive And Vulnerable

People with the zodiac sign Pisces are generally very sensitive and quite vulnerable due to the fact that they are assigned to the element water.

Their sensitivity often causes Pisces to suffer from headaches, dizziness, migraines, and weather changes.

They also quickly adopt the bad moods and energies of their fellow human beings and store them in their subconscious until it gets too much and they themselves react with pathological symptoms.

As a Pisces, you probably find yourself avoiding difficult confrontations and arguments.

Zodiac Sign Fact #2: Pisces Are Great Artists

Artistic jobs are ideal for Pisces-people because they are sensitive and extremely creative.

Great success and material possessions are not so important, but rather the possibility to implement own ideas and to be allowed to realize imaginations.

Often, Pisces work as freelancers because this allows them to be free and to spend their time as they wish.

Many Pisces are musicians, painters, hairdressers, or nail technicians. They need jobs where they can express their artistic energy.

Zodiac Sign Fact #3: Pisces Are Good-Natured

People with the zodiac sign Pisces are very companionable people, with a big heart.

They are charming, humble, and selfless. Pisces actually have an innate urge to help others.

In addition, they also very quickly trust other people.

However, this selflessness can also become a downside if other people take advantage of it. Therefore, Pisces should stay away from false friends because they can be influenced easily.

Zodiac Sign Fact #4: Pisces Are Mysterious

Pisces are often very mysterious for their life partners because they do not show directly what is on their mind.

Even after many years of a relationship, their partner often gets the feeling that they don’t really know them.

Their vivid imagination keeps the fish constantly coming up with new ideas that you are not prepared for!

But in many cases, they also keep their thoughts to themselves.

This serves as self-protection. Pisces are sensitive and need their free space and privacy.

Zodiac Sign Fact #5: Pisces Are Dreamy

Pisces are ruled by Neptune, which causes them to not always see life very realistically.

Everything rational and logical frightens the Pisces. They need a lot of serenity and the possibility to let their thoughts wander every now and then and to dwell on their daydreams.

They usually do not think rationally but are guided by their feelings.

This also makes them shy away from the hard truth that will eventually affect all of us so that they escape into their fantasies.

Occasionally, this also leads to them showing little self-discipline and motivation.

Zodiac Sign Fact #6: Pisces Are Romantic

The gentle energy of the Pisces and their incomparable fantasy make them loving romantics.

Therefore, they need a tender partner by their side, who can deal with their sensitive feelings.

At the same time, this zodiac sign belongs rather to the loners and needs absolutely its free space! If they get too constricted, they tend to seek escape.

So if the Pisces prefers to be alone for a while, then their partner has to be willing to deal and to be okay with that.

Zodiac Sign Fact #7: Pisces Are Loyal Friends

The fish has few friends, but they are very well selected thanks to its intuition.

As an intuitive zodiac sign, Pisces notices faster than others whether the connection is a ” match ” or not.

To the fewer, but well-chosen friends the Pisces has, it is faithful – in its own way.

As a Pisces, you are moody and require a certain amount of freedom even in a friendship.

That’s why you sometimes disappear – but when someone needs you, you are completely there for them.

Zodiac Sign Fact #8: Pisces Are Intuitive

Hardly any zodiac sign can offer such a good gut feeling as that of the Pisces. They are characterized by a unique and particularly good intuition.

The intuition of Pisces is often so accurate that they can already be considered psychic.

Sometimes the fish has prophetic premonitions, which it cannot explain itself.

Zodiac Sign Fact #9: Pisces Have A Great Sense Of Humor

Pisces like to be cheerful and merry and have a very strong sense of humor.

They love to make jokes – these can be profound, satirical, or ironic.

They are also very sociable and like to talk openly, also to balance out their profound and serious mind.

A nice social evening and a Pisces-born is in their element, just like a fish who likes to swim in a shoal.

Zodiac Sign Fact #10: Pisces Are Adaptable

Pisces can adapt perfectly to their environment and are extraordinarily flexible. As a result, they have no need to change anyone or anything.

Due to this adaptability, their actions are also already characterized by a certain naivety.

This can also be seen in the fact that Pisces has a big problem saying “no”. For this very reason, they have to be careful not to be taken advantage of by other people.

1also in the relationship they are rather passive and let themselves be formed by their partners, as they have a very great need for harmony.

Zodiac Sign Fact #11: Pisces Are Exceptionally Spiritual

The last sign of the zodiac is something very special. Pisces dissolves the structures so that we can evolve to the next level.

Why is that? The 12 signs of the zodiac represent a continuous series of human and spiritual development, which Pisces completes as the last sign.

Therefore, the zodiac sign Pisces is the sign with the greatest longing for spiritual experiences and transcendence.

Many psychics are Pisces! This is because of Neptune: the planet of spirituality.

The longing to connect again and again with something greater can lead them to the spiritual path of meditation and other practices.

Celebrities With The Zodiac Sign Pisces

Albert Einstein (17.03.1879)

George Washington (22.02.1732) 

Steve Jobs (24.02.1955)

Justin Bieber (01.03.1994)

Rihanna (20.02.1988)

Who Does Pisces Get Along With?

The best partner a Pisces can find is Cancer – tenderness and mutual affection are the hallmarks of this relationship. Virgo, Scorpio, and Libra are also good partners.

The worst choice would be a relationship with Leo or Sagittarius – a relationship with these zodiac signs means permanent struggle.

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