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3ft of Hair?! My 8 Hair Growth Manifestation Methods

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How I Grew My Hair 3ft Long – Despite Having Alopecia Areata

In this post, I report about my hair growth manifestation methods that helped me grow my hair 3 feet (about 90 centimeters) long. This post is different from my previous posts related to spiritual and personal growth but I still wanted to write this post to help and encourage other women and men with Alopecia Areata. Nevertheless, this post is also addressed to all others who want to manifest long, thick, and healthy hair with the law of attraction.

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Please note: This post is in no way medical advice! Before you make any decisions about your health, you should see a doctor. Also, some links are affiliate links, which help me to create free content for you! Thanks for your understanding.

What Is Alopecia Areata?

Oops – suddenly there seems to be a hole in the hair above the ear. Where does that come from? If you notice something like this, you’re not alone: experts estimate that around 1.4 million people in Germany alone are affected by this type of hair loss. The hair falls out in a localized, round, or patchy area. This can happen relatively quickly, but also over a period of several months.

For me, my hair usually falls out relatively fast within a couple of days or weeks after the beginning.

Gender makes no difference: men and women are equally affected by Alopecia Areata. Age usually does not play a major role – the symptoms can already appear in childhood.

In some cases, this autoimmune disease is characterized not only by hair loss but also by a change in the nail structure. Dimples and grooves occur in the fingernails.

The Cause Of Alopecia Areata Is Still Unclear

The cause of alopecia areata is not yet entirely clear. What is considered certain is that it is an autoimmune reaction. The body attacks its own cells – in this case, the hair follicles. In studies, massive signs of inflammation and an accumulation of a certain type of white blood cell, the so-called T-lymphocytes, were found there. These lymphocytes attack the hair bulbs for reasons that are still unknown.

The T-lymphocytes are something like the police in the body. They wander throughout the body. For example, if there is an invader, they get the order to fight it. That is when the attack occurs – but in the case of circular hair loss, it is misdirected at the hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out at that location. Unfortunately, we do not yet know who gives the T lymphocytes the command to attack there – and why this is so.

This misdirected reaction of the body often occurs in conjunction with other atopic diseases. Examples are allergic asthma, hay fever, and neurodermatitis.

Another reason for hair loss can be particularly strong psychological stress. Thus, a shock situation, such as the sudden death of a loved one or the unexpected loss of a job, can promote the loss of hair.

My Long Hair Story Coupled With Alopecia Areata

The first time I discovered a 2-3 centimeter bald circle on my head was when I was 15. I was on vacation in the U.S. and not exactly happy about my discovery. This was also due to the fact that I had no idea about the disease yet.

The spot was unfortunately also relatively close to the crown, which is why the concealment was difficult, but not impossible.

Over the years, I have discovered bald spots every now and then, which of course was a repeated disappointment for me each time.
When I would sadly tell others what was bothering me, I would encounter understanding, but also misunderstanding.

“It’s only hair!” – no, it’s not just hair. I know many men who are incredibly afraid of losing their hair. With women and young girls, it is often even worse. The disease itself does not lead to physical symptoms or pain, but it does lead to psychological pressure. This pressure becomes even greater when the spots are so large that they cannot be covered with the rest of the hair or are in places that are very visible.

My last bald spot is almost directly above my forehead, yay. I currently have to part my hair differently than I would normally so that the spot is not visible. This is still not the perfect solution because it becomes visible as soon as I tie my hair in the back or the wind blows my hair around. Otherwise, maybe I could wear caps or hats all the time? I could also just show it off, but I don’t feel like explaining my condition every time again because of course it also comes with a certain degree of embarrassment.

My both latest “achievements”

So, as you can see, this disease comes with many disturbing thoughts and problems.

Over the years I have sometimes forgotten that I suffer from this disease, especially when the spots have occurred more at the back of my head where I can’t see them directly.
After a few months, when the hair has grown back, I get reminded by short strands that I must have had a bald spot. It looks as if I had just cut off a thick strand.

There are also many people who say that it is not possible to manifest hair. Of course, other factors, such as genes, also play a role. Nevertheless, I am firmly convinced that it is possible and I also know many women and men who can report similar things. Although it is still not completely clear why Alopecia Areata occurs, I suspect that in my case it might have something to do with stress. My hair growth manifestation methods help me to be more confident that my hair will grow back and thus supports me not to stress about my hair as well. Basically, they relieve me of this stress factor.

Anyway, this is my hair currently, and my hair just before Corona started, when I had dyed it in this pinkish color.

In 2015 I had cut my hair about chest length and since then let it grow, with rare haircuts in between.

Of course, there are women and men who look great with a bald head, that’s not a question, but I doubt that my head shape is made for it, haha.

My 8 Hair Growth Manifestation Methods

So I want to show you how I was still able to manifest hair that is almost a meter long (or 3 feet). My hair growth manifestation methods can help others with Alopecia Areata, or people who just want to have long, healthy, and thick hair.

1. Ask The Universe

Before you start your manifestation of new, longer hair growth, you need to become aware of what EXACTLY you want.

Just a full head of hair? Hair down to the middle of your back? All the way to the butt? Thicker hair?

And until when? Within the next 6 or 12 months?

Keep it realistic so that you don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure during the process. This way you also won’t lose your motivation.

Then, when you are aware of your hair goals, ask the universe for help.
You could either write down your wish or have an inner monologue.

2. Hair Affirmations

Hair affirmations help you radiate positive energies, and this is exactly what we want. We want to radiate positive energies so that positive energies will come back to us. Affirmations also help you to positively reprogram your mindset piece by piece.

Here are my affirmations, that I use on a regular basis:

  • My hair grows like weed
  • I am so excited about my long thick hair
  • Every day I discover new baby hairs
  • Suddenly many baby hairs start to grow and the bald spots disappear
  • I can literally watch my hair growing so fast already
  • My hair can and will grow back
  • My hair grows faster than ever before
  • My hair is returning naturally
  • I have strong and healthy hair cells
  • My hair is my crown
  • I can grow really long hair
  • My hair does grow
  • I am so thankful that my hair grows super fast and thick
  • I will reach my hair goals very soon
  • My hair grows faster than ever before
Affirmations for Hair Growth Manifestation

3. Hair Growth Journaling

Those who have been following my blog for a while know that I am an absolute journaling fan.
I have managed to accomplish so many wonderful things with journaling: my boyfriend, good grades in university, money, success, journeys….

And what has worked in these areas of my life, also works with my hair!

You can either write down the affirmations or think of stories about your hair length.
For example, how you go to the hairdresser and get lots of compliments about your long hair. The hairdresser could also comment on how much your hair has grown in such a short time…

Hair Growth Journal Prompts

You can also use journal prompts to build positive connections with your hair.

  1. What is my absolute hair goal?
  2. What are 3 things I already love about my hair?
  3. What are compliments I get about my hair?
  4. How can I grow my hair even longer?
  5. If I had the hair of my dreams, how would I feel and behave?

It doesn’t matter what you write down, as long as it feels good.

Journal Prompts For Hair Growth Manifestation

4. Accept Failure

Your hair journey will not always be easy. There will always be setbacks that will make you sad. Every time I discover a new bald spot I get sad and usually start crying, again – unfortunately, my boyfriend can confirm this.

I have to remind myself to stay positive and keep my mindset up. It will probably be like this for the rest of my life, and I will always discover bald spots that I have to live with.

Do not stress yourself, life does not always go upwards. So: let us make the best out of it.

Take a break, be sad, gather new energies, and then focus on your hair growth manifestation again.

5. Establish Positive Associations With Your Hair

What I do not want from you:
That you look into the mirror and immediately feel sad about your hair.
That you go through your hair and get angry about why you lose so much hair.

Because that is what I used to do (and still do sometimes…).

What we do is create negative associations with our hair. Our hair becomes a stress factor. Every time we interact with it or actively think about it, this factor ruins our mood and our hair growth manifestation.

Instead, it is important to create positive associations with your hair.

Celebrate your hair care routine every evening: when you brush and care for your hair, light a nice scented candle, take your time, pamper your hair with oil, turn on your favorite music. When you wash your hair, imagine that the water running through your hair is gold, revitalizing your hair.

Do something that makes you feel good while doing your hair.

You are a queen/king and your hair is your crown.

Associate your hair care ritual with a positive, self-pampering time that you can look forward to all day.

6. Eliminate Negative Beliefs About Your Hair

Do you have negative beliefs about your hair?
“My hair just doesn’t grow!”, “I wish I had straight hair instead of curly”, and “I lose so much hair every day and I can’t do anything about it!”. Do these sound familiar?

Then you have to actively fight against these beliefs.

What you believe in becomes true. You sow a seed in your mind that slowly grows to a plant. If you believe that your hair will not grow anyway, or that you are bound to some kind of stereotype, then it will not grow.

It is therefore important to think positively and lovingly about your hair.

Also, if you think badly about your hair, then you probably will not put as much care into it because you think it is pointless anyway, and again, your negative associations with your hair keep hindering you.

7. Take Care Of Your Body

Make sure you eat a healthy, balanced diet, exercise, and drink enough water. You will feel much better right away, which will make it easier to radiate positive energies.

We want to heal from the inside and give our bodies a genuine chance to become healthy.
This does not work if you treat your body poorly over a continuous period of time.

Hair Growth Manifestation And Supplements? Should I Take Them?

Whether supplements really do any good is often a matter of debate… Some say yes, others no, some studies confirm, others not.

I can therefore only tell you what I BELIEVE helps me. Sometimes it is enough to believe that something helps. There are many consistent studies on the placebo effect itself.

Find your placebo. Do you think eating carrots help you grow long hair? Great, then eat carrots every day with the feeling that you are doing something good for your hair.

I would therefore almost count the supplements as one of my methods for hair growth manifestation.

Every time I take them they make me think I am actually doing good to my body and hair and that I can effectively do something about my Alopecia Areata! They take away the feeling of hopelessness and thus help me with my hair growth manifestation. So, here are 3 supplements I swear by.


Vitamin B7, also called Biotin, is considered a beauty vitamin for hair. It protects against hair loss and promotes shine in the hair. However, Biotin has other benefits that are important for your body. For example, it ensures healthy skin and strong nails.

Our nails and hair are made of keratin and keratin is formed by protein and vitamin B7.

Symptoms Of Biotin Deficiency
  • Fatigue
  • Signs of brittle nails
  • Hair loss
  • Mood swings
  • Blemished skin
  • No appetite
  • Dull hair
biotin for hair growth manifestation
Get Biotin On Amazon

I take 10,000 mcg of biotin a day for a few weeks or months – whenever I detect new spots.
So I can’t say much about how the product works when you keep taking it for many months.

However, whenever I supplement biotin the heavy hair loss quickly stops and you can really see new baby hairs appearing. I also think that my (remaining) hair grows much faster!

The negative is that the whole body hair grows stronger and faster and you have to fight with pimples in the first few days!

But this does not matter to me, as long as my hair starts to (re-)grow.


Hair loss is often accompanied by a zinc deficiency. Studies have shown this: Affected people had low zinc levels in their blood and also in their hair. Even if the main cause lies elsewhere, e.g. in the destruction of the hair roots by the immune system, a zinc deficiency intensifies the consequences of this cause. Because zinc is not only itself an essential hair-building substance. It also has a regulating effect on many processes that can be damaging for the hair.

zinc for hair growth manifestation

Omega 3

Omega-3 fatty acids increase elasticity, strengthen hair and improve its density. The fatty acids thus help with dry scalp, nourish the hair, and support hair growth. Fish such as wild salmon as well as walnuts or oils (e.g. rapeseed oil) contain omega-3 fatty acids.

fish oil for hair growth manifestation

8. Visualize Your Ideal Hair

It is important to keep an image in mind of how you envision your perfect hair. You can do this while meditating. See yourself with your full, shiny hair, walking through the streets, or people complimenting you on your hair. I also like to create pinboards on Pinterest where I collect pins, that show my ideal hair. From time to time, I go through the pictures and imagine and really feel what it would be like if I had that hair.

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