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Destiny numbers: How to calculate your destiny number and what does it mean

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What is your destiny number or let’s put it in another way:

What is your lection for this life?

Did you know that your name reveals many things about your life and personality?

Numerology is the study of the mystical meaning behind numbers and how they affect our lives.

You may know your life path number. You get it by adding up the numbers in your birth date. But have you heard about destiny numbers?

In this post, you’ll find out everything about destiny numbers, how to calculate yours and what it reveals about your life.


Let’s jump right in!

What are destiny numbers?

Destiny numbers come from the full name you got at birth.

Everything in the universe is energy. Everything vibrates at a specific frequency. Each number has its frequency, and it represents a universal principle.

Similarly, words and letters also vibrate. Masaru Emoto showed this by exposing water molecules to specific sounds. For instance, beautiful words such as “Love” and ugly words like curse words. Then, he froze the water and took a picture of it.

The water exposed to beautiful words formed beautiful water crystals. The water exposed to ugly words formed ugly shapes.

When we say nice words to people, that causes an effect, and when we say ugly words to people, that causes a different consequence.

The name you got at birth also affects you. According to numerology, it has a link with your destiny during this life.

Why are destiny numbers important?

Numbers can tell you a lot about your life and yourself. Since you were born, a lot of numbers have marked you. Your date of birth, the number of letters in your name, the hour you were born, the hospital address, etc.

Your name is your label, and you are attached to it and its energy. If you make subtle changes in your name, that also has an effect.

Each letter in your name has a specific number resonance. Your destiny number describes your potential. In other words, your soul wants to develop the positive attributes of this number during this life.

From a spiritual perspective, you are a soul that has been reincarnating for some time. In each reincarnation, your soul chooses to learn specific lessons to grow and evolve.

The life path number determines the foundation for this life, but you should not consider it in isolation. Humans are not that simple.

You should read your life path number in conjunction with your destiny number. That’s because the numbers in your name alter the energy of your life path.

For instance, your life path number may have active, innovative energy, and your destiny number may have intuitive, loving, and caring energy. If this is your case, you will have both traits in your personality.

How can I calculate my destiny number?

In numerology, each letter in your name has a numeric value.

If you want to calculate your destiny number, add all the digits in each of your names and reduce them to a single number.

Then, add up the total of the numbers you get.

For example:

= J + O + H + N

= 1 + 6 + 8 + 5

= 20 = 2

= D + O + E

= 4 + 6 + 5

= 15 = 6

2 + 6 = 8

The final result is 8. In other words, the destiny number of this person is the number 8.

What names should I use to calculate my destiny number?

Traditional numerologists argue that you should only use the full name that appears on your birth certificate. You should not use any nicknames, married names, or any other name.

That is because it’s the name that was assigned to you when you were born, and it has a special significance.

Modern numerologists argue that doing that does not make sense unless you continue to use that exact name. From their perspective, what matters is the vibration of the name that people constantly call you.

In numerology, there is also a “current name number.” The destiny number tells you who you came here to be, and the current name number provides value on why you prefer that name.

In this post, we will consider the traditional perspective. From this perspective, you should use the name that appears in your birth certificate, including all your middle names and family names.

Special numbers

Most experts in numerology argue that you should not add the numbers 11 or 22 because they have a unique vibration or frequency.

If the result of adding up the digits of each of your names or the final result is 11 or 22, do not reduce them to a single digit.

The result should be a number between 1 and 9, or an 11 or 22.

What does my destiny number mean?

Your destiny number tells you who you came here to be. It indicates your potential or the positive attributes that your soul wants to develop during this lifetime.

Here is a list with the meaning of each destiny number, according to traditional numerology.

Destiny number 1

Number 1 is a symbol of beginnings, creation, originality, innovation. This number has to do with creation and it can come in different forms: art, businesses, innovative ideas, etc.

If you were born with Destiny Number 1, your soul wants you to become an independent, original thinker. Someone interested in the new and always open to new things.

Your progress depends on how you apply what you have to the creation of new things. Ask yourself: what am I creating today? What do I want to create?

Destiny number 2

Number 2 is a symbol of associations, relationships, and love. It is about learning to associate ideas, thoughts, people, etc. If this is your destiny number, it means that you have to pursue diplomacy, equality, peace, and courtesy, and everything associated with having harmonious relationships.

It is a symbol of cooperation, a coordinating, methodizing, and concordant element. It demands congeniality, sagacity, understanding, warmth, patience, and complacency.

Those born with this destiny number need to develop their capacity to harmonize opposition. They need to contribute to the happiness of the people with whom they live or relate.

Destiny number 3

Number 3 has to do with productivity, both material and spiritual. It’s about the fulfillment of our dreams, ideas, and aspirations. This number is also about finding balance and harmony, which can help us to achieve our goals.

Number 3 is a symbol of expression: a harmonizing and reviving element. It demands joyful courage, good sense to judge values, faith in the ideals one pursues, and an artistic technique to capture them.

Those with this number need to develop their capacity to express the emotional life that bursts inside them. It also urges those with this number to give shape and expression to their inner life.

If this is your destiny number, you need to become a self-expressive creative.

Destiny number 4

Number 4 is about order and authority. It’s about the strong foundations that we need to accomplish anything. Number 4 invites us to build those strong foundations for every project that we want to manifest. However, it also invites us to be more flexible and open-minded.

If you were born with this destiny number, your soul urges you to become very reflexive and organized. It demands expertise, technical aptitude, firmness, authority, and control.

Destiny number 5

Number 5 is associated with persuasion, investigation, selection, understanding. This destiny number teaches you to get centered, to be alert, and to act with wisdom. The lesson is to act reflexively and analytically, not impulsively.

Those born with this destiny number need to learn from their own experience the mysteries of life. Then, they have to translate what they learn into works that contribute to spiritual advancement. Their progress depends on how well they select their associations and activities.

Destiny number 6

Number 6 is a symbol of love, harmony, fertility, and eroticism. Number 6 represents the heart and the soul as the force that animates life.

It demands discernment, understanding for the transcendence of acts, artistic taste, and restraint in impulses.

As a destiny number, it means that your soul wants you to become an empathetic caregiver. A nurturing, loving person that takes care of others. You will become a considerate and thoughtful person, as it already resides within you.

Number 6 has to do with responsibility. The progress of those born with destiny number 6 depends on how loyally you persevere in achieving what you set out to do.

Destiny number 7

Number 7 has to do with organization and the end of a cycle. Number 7 is efficiency, integrity, concentration, and mercy. It also has to do with spirituality and intuition. It invites us to have control over our minds.

Number 7 is a symbol of overcoming obstacles. It demands inner illumination, the serenity of the spirit, refined taste, and conciliatory spirit. The energy of number 7 is to be driven by inner wisdom instead of external realities.

As a destiny number, it tells you that your destiny is to become a contemplative truthseeker.

Destiny number 8

Number 8 is associated with the law. Eight is the number of karma.

Number 8 is a symbol of stability, association, and cooperation. It demands tolerance, fair distribution, foresight, trust in time, and a sense of proportion. Some negative traits include being judgemental and arrogant.

Those born with this destiny number need to learn tact and calculation. If this is your destiny number, your soul wants you to develop a critical, calculating, reasoning spirit and excellent practical sense, which already reside within you.

Destiny number 9

Number 9 is associated with charity, health, and independence. This destiny number indicates that your soul wants you to become very humble, generous, and humanitarian, as these traits already reside within you.

The energy of this number is highly philosophical and full of wisdom. Nine is a symbol of culmination but also the beginning of a new cycle. This number demands clear intelligence, soft manners, caution in decisions, and altruism in action.

The progress of someone with this life path depends on the selfless service he renders in his labors and the goodwill that inspires their ideas and deeds.

Destiny number 11/2

Destiny number 11 is special in numerology, a Master Number. It is a reverberation of the energy of number 2.

Number 11 is associated with spirituality, psychic abilities, and spiritual awakening. This number is an invitation to become a teacher to others and inspire others for change.

If this is your destiny number, your soul wants you to cultivate your intuition and extrasensory abilities to reconnect with your Higher Self.

Destiny number 22/4

Destiny number 22 has a particular energy. Like number 11, it is a Master Number. It reverbs the energy of number 4

People with the number 22 as their destiny number have strong values and a profound sense of responsibility. You undoubtedly expect a lot of yourself and put in a lot of effort to attain your goals.

Numerologists also know this number as the “Master Healer.” If this is your destiny number, you have that power within you. You only need to develop it.

Final thoughts

We are not this physical body. We are souls walking this path on earth to learn, evolve and ascend. Each situation we encounter is an opportunity to learn and get closer to our Higher Self.

We are in the process of ascension. We need to undergo a spiritual awakening.

Numerology is a great tool to understand why you came here, your purpose, and what you need to learn and transcend during this lifetime.

Your destiny number is essential to help you in this process. It allows you to know what your destiny is and how to get there.

If you learn to listen to what your soul is telling you, you will grow in every aspect of your life. Meditate on each number, and you can receive the message it wants to give you.

That’s it for today. See you next time!

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