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0 – The Fool: Introduction, Interpretation, and Numerology

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The life of the Fool is an adventure. It challenges us to explore new territories, take action, seek our own truth and live in the present. There are times in our lives when we need to recreate ourselves with new experiences that contradict our old beliefs. At these times, the Fool Tarot card invites us to take a trip to an unknown place. We do not know where we are going or when we will return. Let’s take a look at the introduction, interpretation, and numerology of the Fool Tarot card to gain a deeper understanding.

The Fool Interpretation,  Meaning and Numerology

The Fool: Introduction 

The fool is a fascinating figure who interacts with the world from a positioning of infinite possibility. In many decks he is depicted wearing a blindfold, in others, there is an air of being generally carefree and full of merriment. He is always depicted as carrying his worldly possessions behind him as if being homeless or a traveler. This symbolizes the mystery of moving forward without knowledge of what is to come. 

Often The Fool is depicted on a cliff’s edge or facing some sort of possible imminent danger, this represents the possibility of failure which comes with the taking of risk or any act of bravery. 

According to a fortune teller, the fact that his gaze hangs in the sky also indicates that he is trustingly guided by the higher forces and his freedom. He seems carefree and lost in thought. “The Fool” seems to be completely in the here and now and to enjoy the moment. In his left hand, he holds a flower, in his right, he carries a walking stick to which a (food) bag is tied. A white, equally good-humored dog accompanies the cheerful, innocent-looking fellow on his journey. Even the weather in the background shows its chocolate side. The sky is cloudless on this sunny day.

The Fool: Interpretation

When the fool shows up during a reading, it symbolizes a new beginning in a person’s life. It represents the possibility and potential of what is a new way of life. This may include a new job, a new relationship or the ending of a present situation. This is the moving out of the present comfort zone and being open to the beginning of a new adventure in faith. Nothing new may begin without the act of stepping forward in faith. 

But anyone who looks closely knows that the situation depicted also harbors dangers: the carefree youth unconsciously prances toward a cliff and loses his grip if he fails to pay attention in the meantime. This awareness of danger, however, seems to be higher in the viewer than in the hiker himself. “The Fool” does not see the abyss, or perhaps does not want to see it at all, and in the meantime radiates pure elemental confidence. That is why “The Fool” in the Tarot is also considered a card of freedom or spontaneity. At the same time, however, it also represents the fine line between wisdom and silliness.

The Fool: Numerology

The number of the Fool Tarot card is 0.

0 does not belong to this world. This is the symbol of the ancient wisdom that all manifestation began from nothing. We cannot understand this with our senses or through logic. For this reason, we can only get a glimpse of its meaning through the deep knowledge that comes from our hearts.

Interestingly the fool is commonly numbered at zero but may be placed in the beginning or the end. In numerology the zero is similar to a question mark, not having any established meaning outside of its unlimited potential. In the macrocosmic sense, zero represents that which existed before all things, the mysterious source of creation. Our numerical system really starts at one, mysteriously emerging from the potential that is zero. 

The number 0 can stand above all for the beginning of all things!

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